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Nightmare Fuel / Legio Arcana

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  • Eve’s dungeon of horrors with a decapitated and mutilated body on an operating table. Multiple hands can be seen hanging from the ceiling
  • The discovery of the Victim of the Week Alan Schuster’s corpse. His chest is ripped open to reveal his rib cage
  • Chris Caruso discovers his brother Tony covered in blood. When he moves to help him, Tony is wearing a very unnatural expression, possessed by a demon. The demon cracks Chris’ ribs. Tony is trapped in an And I Must Scream scenario, watching this happen, unable to resist, and is taking heavy bodily damage when Nolan arrives to stop him.
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  • Lucy lifts the seal on Marianne, releasing an Eldritch Abomination that violently tears apart the lamia who is reduced to crawling away in terror

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