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Nightmare Fuel / Legend of Legaia

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  • This game is rather (in)famous for its Body Horror. See the main page.
  • What happens in Underground Octam. Earthquakes can come anytime and cause a pillar that holds a house to sink into oblivion.
  • The Seru Brides are women summoned by Lord Saryu to the underground lab at Ratayu. What for? To be fed to Juggernaut through a feeding tube.
    • The laboratory where they are fed to Juggernaut is a bizarre location inside a black void with equipment that is made of organic material.
  • Juggernaut is basically Serpentera. A six legged mountain sized beast that has visible organic matter and has an energy beam attack that destroys pretty much anything it wants with the only consolation is it can only operate for brief periods. It's face also deserves special mention. Its a surreal face that's both human and inhuman at the same time.
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  • One room at Floating Castle has a torture device consisting of a table/tub and a huge rock hung by a chain. It's originally shut, but by pulling the lever nearby, the huge rock will be lifted, revealing blood and crushed bones on the table/tub.
  • Conkram. Its terrain consists of pulsating organs, and its inhabitants are fused to the wall/floor, suffering intense pain while struggling to stay sane. With Quiet Destruction playing in the background and the periodical sound of something pulsating, the town is just nightmarish.
    • The groans the inhabitants make is nightmarish by itself.
    • Where is Queen Minea? Inside a bunch of flesh that will open like a blooming flower when the heroes approach her.
    • The king may have it worse. His lower body is fused to the ground in a flesh filled room. That's bad enough but he's surrounded by a pulsing cage of tendrils that... can be passed through like they weren't even there.
    • Then there are two guards near the path to the underground lab. When the heroes gain access there, the guard will move away, splitting the cell-like flesh that combines them.
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  • The prayer the villains use. They are so dogmatic about the Mist. Look at Conkram and realize that THAT is what they are praying to. The Mist is salvation. The Mist is eternal. The Mist is perfect harmony.
  • Rogue's Tower looks like a generic tower/castle dungeon with lots of teleportation glyphs...but periodically, the terrain will turn into pulsating organs.
  • Rim Elm after Juggernaut's invasion. Like Conkram, the area is full pulsating organs. The heroes then have to go through the mouth and explore the innards, which have rivers of blood and tunnels that look like intestines. And inside, all the inhabitants of Rim Elm are fused to the floor.

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