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Nightmare Fuel / Legend of Galactic Heroes

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  • This series makes a point of showing that War Is Hell. So we're treated to the full consequences of the battle, with scenes that suddenly show soldiers being burned alive, trying to hold their intestines inside, dragging themselves on the floor without their lower torso and their guts exposed...
  • Jessica Edwards received a particularly nasty death as she was pistol whipped in the face repeatedly by a military police loyal to the National Salvation Military Council in front of large crowd, with blood spattering everywhere until she finally drops dead.
  • Whenever nuclear weapons are explicitely involved, something horrible happens:
    • The Thirteen Days War in 2039 ended in a nuclear exchange that killed off most of Earth's population and left the one billion survivors in chaos for 90 years, until the United Earth Government was established in Brisbane (because any city more important had been destroyed). It was so bad that in the 36th century using nukes against inhabitated planets is still considered the one line you must never cross...
    • When an admiral of the Galactic Federation Armada, Rudolph von Goldenbaum used nuclear weapons to destroy a large pirate force. Nothing bad happened then, but that overwhelming victory was the first step of Rudolph's rise to power and creation of the Galactic Empire, at which point he would start the suppression of most human cultures, abolish social welfare, and pass the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act, under which anyone who had genetic defects or was mentally ill was killed. the handicapped and poors were sterilized (with many handicapped children being smothered by their own parents after having such a relative became shameful), and any undesiderable was called crazy and killed by the Department of Social Discipline without a trial or any evidence.
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    • In the Battle of Legnica, fought in the atmosphere of a gas giant, Reinhard had a single nuke fired, resulting in the entire atmosphere being set on fire due weapon fire overheating it while the Alliance 2nd Fleet was kept pinned down by the storm caused by the overheating.
    • During the Imperial Civil War the civilians of the planet Westerland rose against the Lippstadt League and killed their noble ruler, baron Scheidt. His uncle, Duke Braunschweig, had the entire planet nuked.

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