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Nightmare Fuel / Legend (1985)

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  • The Lord of Darkness. A hulking red devil-looking creature with enormous horns, yellow cat eyes, hooves, and rippling muscles. You can't blame poor Lili for freaking out when she wakes up with that face inches away from her own.
  • Darkness' father, who is nothing but a black face with pupil-less glowing green eyes melded into a glittering black throne, always watching Lili.
  • Lili coming across her peasant friends, to see them all frozen. When the demons enter the house, we see a poor little baby frozen in its crib as well.
  • Meg Mucklebones, a big slimy green lake goblin, popping out of the water and getting close to eating Jack.
  • The black dress Darkness leaves for Lili dancing on its own, with jarring music playing.