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Nightmare Fuel / Lawrence of Arabia

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Just scary out of context

The 1962 movie "Lawrence Of Arabia" is not particularly frightening, though there are a few scenes that can disturb you if you think too long about them.

  • The sheer vastness of the desert is frightening in itself. Especially when characters roam around in it, alone.
  • Lawrence's guide being shot trying to get to the well.
  • Lawrence losing one of his friends in a merciless sinkhole. He tries to save him, but there's nothing he can do except let him die.
  • The mad Nightmare Face of Lawrence when he yells (see image above).
    • Lawrence throughout the whole massacre scene, from the deranged laughter to how much he's clearly enjoying the slaughter and finally when he comes to his senses covered in blood staring at his dagger.
  • The scene where the Turkish soldiers capture Lawrence. First it seems like they'll figure out who he really is, then the creepy Turkish Bey starts hitting on him, strips him and feels him up. When Lawrence tries to fight back he's beaten, and it's heavily implied that he's gang raped. Made especially gut-wrenching by the fact that poor Ali is outside and can hear what's going on but is powerless to help him.
    • The strong implication that the Bey's been doing this for years, and that not all of his victims were as lucky as Lawrence, is pretty unsettling as well.


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