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Nightmare Fuel / Laurel and Hardy

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While Laurel and Hardy are excellent sources of Sweet Dreams Fuel, they do have some Nightmare Fuel from time to time. Fortunately, it's very mild.

  • For starters, the ending of Bullfighters.
  • The duo are normally Made of Iron, but Ollie is killed in a plane crash at the end of The Flying Deuces. Thankfully, he gets reincarnated as a horse.
  • The Live Ghost has their heads backwards.
  • Going Bye-Bye has the duo in a very painful position- sitting on a couch with their legs tied to their neck.
  • In The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, the trick the Crusty Caretaker does with his false teeth falls into Uncanny Valley.
    • Similarly, the way the heirs are slowly killed off is pretty creepy.
  • The torture chamber ending in The Bohemian Girl.
  • In Liberty, the second half still frightens people today, due to how real it looks and how close the boys come to actually falling off the building. It's a miracle that they survive. Ollie even starts praying at one point! It's also cited as their most terrifying movie yet.
  • In Beau Hunks, Fort Arid has been under siege for 20 days by legions of Arabs, with hundreds of rifles, a few heavy machine guns there and there, and millions of knives. By the time the movie takes place, almost the entire fort has been wiped out by their army alone. There's only 10 survivors left, with dwindling ammo, food, medicine...and the Arabs shoot down two. Fortunately, Stan and Ollie come because they take an accidental shortcut when a sandstorm hits, but if they hadn't taken it...

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