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Nightmare Fuel / Lakeview Cabin Collection

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  • Each and every one of the film's villains:
    • III has a psychopath in a baby mask who first introduces himself by stalking you and leaving skulls and paintings telling you to "come play". When he appears as an enemy, he is a very resilient enemy capable of taking axe swings, explosions, and shotgun shells all without stopping his baby-like shrieks. After you finally kill him you get to fight his father, the protagonist of the original game, who chases you with a machete and will begin sobbing and moving MUCH faster if he sees his son's corpse. After killing him, serene music begins playing and all seems well, then suddenly the music changes and The Wife spawns and will begin sweetly singing to you. Kill her. Kill her quickly or she WILL kill you.
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    • IV gives us the many members of the hillbilly family, including girls taking a bath with a decaying corpse, a clown in a room filled with gore, some men in a shower with strung-up flayed bodies, and a chainsaw-wielding maniac wearing a pig's head who chases you through a trap-laden barn. Don't worry though, they can't get you outside the house. Except for that last one. Then you have the Rats, human-sized rat...things that can crawl through the vents, allowing them to appear anywhere, even in rooms you just passed through.
    • V has an invincible masked killer in the style of Michael Myers who you can't permanently kill, just temporarily fend off. The focus of the game is trying to find a way to get rid of him, which requires a LOT of puzzle solving.
    • VI is set on a space station orbiting a ruined Earth, and the killer in that is an infestation of Alien-style monsters, that are heavily implied to be connected to the demonic fetus from the first Lakeview Cabin.
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  • Lakeview Cabin IV begins with a naked, mutilated woman screaming and running towards you. Though she's just a victim, she can scare the hell out of players after the calmer and slower beginning of the previous episode.
  • IV also has the characters occasionally hallucinate screaming, blood-covered bodies. These hallucinations will appear suddenly out of thin air and can happen nearly anywhere if your sanity is low enough.
  • In the end, it's all only just a series of movies, right? You're always safe in the hub world, right? Wrong.
    "The sewers SCREAM at me"
  • VI' is set in space because something has caused Earth to FUCKING EXPLODE. You can see the ruins through one of the station windows, it looks like the planet has been split in half.
    • The fucking bad ending to VI. Okay, so you evacuate however many people you manage to save before the station is overrun by the alien infection, and you end up on the Intergalactic Refugee Station. Everything looks fine, then out of NOWHERE a giant horde of Aliens spawn in the room and massacres everyone inside, while the Alien Queen appears at the top of the screen.
    Game: Mankind Is Doomed
    • The Alien Queen herself which you have to fight to get the Good Ending. Not only does she have one hell of a Nightmare Face, she also originally appears as The Mother from the first game.
    • Even the Good End has a pretty creepy Stinger. After you've saved everyone and wiped out the infection, the CEO of the company arrives to congratulate you, then for some reason his face flashes and briefly turns into the Father from the first game. The whole series ends on a huge Mind Screw.
  • The creepy-as-fuck video game you have to play to summon the Witch, which also seems to hint at some of the background to the setting, and the Lake. Things like burning people alive in rituals, sacrificing infants through drowning and the omnipresent Red Eye, which in the game is the MOON.
    • The weird demon with the long head whose facial features form an inverted cross.
    • The fact that you have to die repeteadly to win the game, each death forms part of a puzzle that summons the Demon. Each character has to die in a different way; through falling, through getting shot, getting stabbed, and overdosing on pills.
  • In III, should the brown haired male playable character die, his corpse gets fucking CRUCIFIED on the outside of one of the buildings. This mainly seems to happen when the father is active.
    • The various happenings as well. Skeletons appearing indoors, the red eye appearing outside the power sheds, and more. These are all tied to just doing things without any killers needing to appear, providing frightening foreshadowing that something really isn't right.

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