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Nightmare Fuel / Kuroko no Basuke

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Keep in mind that nightmare fuel for this show is relative; it is a sports anime, after all. Nobody's getting murdered. Probably.

  • Murasakibara. His expressions and his attitude are both... unsettling.
  • Kuroko isn't Nightmare Fuel incarnate, yet since you usually see him in a very calm and inexpressive mood, it's very unnerving to watch when he actually becomes angry. It's Tranquil Fury at its most terrifying.
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  • Akashi. Everything about Akashi. Memorably the scissor scene, where he was straight up intending to take a chunk out of Kagami — and would've succeeded if not for Kagami's reflexes. So much for nobody getting murdered.
  • Hanamiya "Bad Boy" Makoto gets at least an honorable mention, as Hope Crusher extraordinaire. He puts Kiyoshi out of commission once and is no less ruthless during their next match.

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