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Nightmare Fuel / Knives Out

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
And boy, does it get worse.
  • Harlan Thrombey's creepy collection of ceramic-like human figures, some of which are life-size and fall into Uncanny Valley. It takes some time to process the fact they are not living beings in some scenes, making the film look more surreal.
  • The Thrombey family in general.
    • Linda is the scariest out of all the family members. She goes nuts at the will reading and goes out of her way to insult Marta.
    Linda: "You... little bitch!!!"
    • Walt is a different case. He might not look intimidating but when he goes to Marta's house he mentions that if she messes up, she could be incarcerated and her mom could be deported.
    • As for Joni, she used to be on Twitter and Facebook and has tons of contacts she can use to get dirt on Marta's family.
  • Does double as funny but Fran discovering Harlan’s dead body especially with the amount of blood. When Marta's flashbacks reveal what happened, we get a shot of Harlan slitting his throat on screen. Marta’s scream and reaction and all the blood do not help.
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  • Marta's whole situation is utterly horrifying. Put yourself in her shoes: you're the child of an undocumented immigrant. You and your family work hard and consider America your home, but there's always the looming background fear of being discovered and having your parent deported — and hearing those around you rant about "illegals" coming in and ruining the country, all while assuring you that they don't mean you (after all, you're "one of the good ones,") doesn't help. Things are looking up, though: you get a job caring for an eccentric old man, and, sure, most of his family is utterly insufferable, but the pay is good and he treats you very well and the two of you become friends. Then he dies. But, wait, he left a huge fortune to you! Yay! Except not. Because now the family has utterly turned on you, and the one you trusted enough to confide in about your parents' undocumented status has told the others, and they're all very willing to use that against you in order to steal the inheritance your friend wanted you to have. And at least one of them is so fixated on getting that money, they'll commit cold-blooded murder and frame you for it in order to get you out of the way. Brr.
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  • Marta accidentally mixing up Harlan's medications and giving him a fatal dose of morphine. (Or at least, so they both think.) Quite literally the nightmare scenario for any caregiver or healthcare professional.
  • Marta's discovery of a morphine-laced Fran in a dark, abandoned building is the movie's only big Jump Scare, but it completely clashes with the generally light-hearted tone of the rest of the movie, being more like something out of a horror movie. Special mention goes to when Marta turns on the flashlight and illuminates Fran's face, which is accompanied by a Scare Chord and a spider crawling over it, as well as Fran suddenly awakening, freaking out, and trying to explain her predicament in a scratchy, horrid voice before losing consciousness again. And while it's a Moment of Awesome in the way Marta utilized it, The Reveal near the end that Fran actually did die from this, when Blanc was previously celebrating her apparent survival, makes this scene even more disturbing in hindsight, given that it's one of her final moments.
    • The camera cuts away from Fran for a few seconds as Marta reacts, until Fran startles awake coughing and rasping. When the camera turns back to her, the spider has disappeared. It might be that it just crawled to the back of her head, or maybe she woke up because it crawled into her slack mouth.
  • Ransom attempting to pull a Taking You with Me on Marta, snatching a knife from Harlan's display and lunging at her with it, far too quickly for the detectives to stop him. Doubles as a Tear Jerker with regards to Marta. The only thing that came between Marta and death was Ransom's previously-mentioned inability to tell a real knife from a fake one.
    • At one point while they are falling to the floor, it looks as if Ransom is going to stab Marta in the eye before attempting to stab her in the chest instead.
  • Walt's confrontation with Marta over her getting the family's inheritance, constantly tightening his grip on his cane with the distinct impression he could start hitting her with it at any moment. The camera work contributes, allowing Walt to loom over Marta and dominate the scene while stalking toward her as she backs away.
  • The deleted scenes showing that Walt's limp comes from being shot in the leg by a Loan Shark, with a man who apparently works for the loan shark arriving at Walt's house after the will reading cut Walt out, accosting a terrified Donna, who begs him to give them more time and then runs away as the man reaches into his coat with a very dangerous expression, right before the arrival of Blanc and the police makes the man leave. The final scene of the film reveals the intimidating man was a cop (he's seen giving Ransom the Perp Walk) planted by Blanc to get Donna to confide in him, but the scene is still very creepy when watched without that context.


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