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Nightmare Fuel / Kitchen Nightmares

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Well, this is a bit of a stretch at times, but there are some things that can affect those who are rather senstive. Plus it would not be Kitchen Nightmare for anything if it wasn't for this.

  • Amy Bouzaglo, the former owner of Amy's Baking Company, in her entirety. This woman is clearly not right in the head, acting like her food is the best in the world and nothing is wrong in her restaurant, even admitting on camera that the reason she and he husband Samy called Gordon to her eatery is so that he'd act like a '''yes man''' to promote their business. And if her worldview is challenged, in any way, she snaps immediately into a shrill, screaming, vengeful person that openly threatens employees and customers alike, at one point during the two-parter trying to deliberately overdo the spice on a served dish simply to spite the customer who criticized her, and previously blocking the exit of two others who "dared" to speak out against her food and wanted to leave without paying. To this day she stands out from the rest of the usual people Gordon had to deal with in his run: she's not simply delusional or in denial, something is just not RIGHT with her.
    • Watching her through the two episodes becomes another layer of nightmare fuel if you keep an eye out for her progressive mental breakdown throughout them: she starts out uncannily cleaned up and full of make-up, with a tidy hair, but as Ramsay continues to intervene, her hair becomes looser and more unkempt, her face contorts into a horrifying, truly ANGRY expression, with her eyes about ready to jump out of her sockets. You get the feeling she's about to attack Ramsay at any second.
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    • Her husband Samy doesn't help matters, essentially doubling as a doormat to his wife and an equally-aggressive Jerkass who admits, once again on-camera, to stealing tips from his waiters, which is a downright ILLEGAL act (not including the other many illegal things they've done), and even helping his wife assault customers and tamper with the spicy dish. Add the fact that he's been discovered to have ties to the Israeli mob and has been deported from France and Germany, not to mention drug smuggling and extortion accusations, and you can see why he's now banned from entering American soil as well. Is it any shock to hear that, not too long after Ramsay left them, both of them showed up on the news as Samy chased after a man with a knife, with Amy yelling "let me"?
    • Most viewers were also unnerved with a shot of Amy standing by a set of knives on a wall, which was right after when Ramsay finally lost his patience with Sammy, with Amy listening in. Considering just how volatile Amy's behaviour is, many viewers were worried that Amy was about to grab a knife and attack someone with it.
  • In a more Fridge Horror sense, the owners of Burger Kitchen have a rather infamous relative: Mr. Sin himself, Abe Saffron.
    • More blatantly, the fact that this man stole inheritance money from his own son to fund the restaurant, forcing Daniel into a job he didn't want in the first place. For the longest time in his life, he couldn't trust his own parents and was essentially forced into complying with their wishes.
    • Abe Saffron wasn't just their relative, but Alan's father and Daniel's grandfather, and the money Alan stole from Daniel was his inheritance from Abe, meaning Burger Kitchen is quite possibly built almost entirely on mob money.
  • Gordon has to deal with restaurants filled with insects, rats and other disgusting things. It's Nausea Fuel for sure, but for those that have fears of things like that, walking into these places is like a literal Kitchen Nightmare.
    • Even if you're not explicitly afraid of pests, the unsanitary conditions are in some cases horrifying simply because in the food industry, that level of neglect can pose a serious, even lethal, health risk.
    Ramsay: "Do we need a death in the restaurant before some fucker gets a grip!?"
  • In the pilot of the American version, a "bill collector" comes to harass the owner, but the informal way the bill collector talks and his tendency to creep around in order to make his presence known gives the impression that he's collecting for a very specific organization. Also, most debt collectors aren't chauffeured around in a black Lexus.


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