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Nightmare Fuel / Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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  • Go out in the woods at night. The game presents a very realistic representation of night time, averting the Hollywood Darkness trope. Which means that when you're out in the woods without a torch, you can't see jack shit and it is very likely you'll be surprised by a sudden bandit/Cuman attack.
  • The fate of Limpy Lunosh. Let's just say that his naked, gory, nailed and gutted corpse is not a pretty sight.
  • The death of Henry's parents, his mother in special. She slumps over her husband's corpse, gets a last look at Henry's Heroic BSoD face and then gets stabbed from all directions by Cuman soldiers as she screams in pain. Keep in mind that Henry watches all of this happen right before him. This can actually by considered in universe nightmare fuel, as Henry has actual nightmares about the whole thing. On Hardcore Mode, stat-penalty inducing nightmares can be one of the negative character traits you can take.
    • Returning to Skalitz at the end of the prologue as well. The entire village has been sacked and burned to ruins and there are piles of corpses laying everywhere, including a few poor bastards hanging from wooden posts. The whole place feels very desolate and eerie, which isn't helped by the fact that the only living souls still hanging around are a few hostile bandits and looters.
  • Henry can help an old prostitute by stealing some cheap stuff they want. Except soon after, she murders her ex-husband and wife with repeated knife stabs and disappears to parts unknown, implied to continue her serial-killing spree. He can also help a farmhand get petty revenge on people who screwed him over, which escalates to arson with the intent to frame his crush's boyfriend or outright burn him to death. There's petty theft for turnabout, and then there are people who are so wound up, they just need a little help to drive themselves completely insane.
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  • Then there's the three apprentice witches in Uzhitz, who are just teenage girls who like doing drugs. But then they get caught by bandits during a drug ritual. Since Henry is also stoned out of his mind, he might be convinced to run away from the two demons from hell instead of saving the girls from what are actually two easily-defeatable bandits.
  • Neighboring the graveyard in Uzhitz are two unmarked graves. One of them contains an adult-sized human skeleton... and a tiny human skeleton above the pelvis. You are never given a full explanation what happened to the poor baby.


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