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Nightmare Fuel / Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct has always played around with horror-inspired aesthetics and characters. Of course it is a source of Nightmare Fuel.

  • Kan-Ra's reveal. VERY MUCH SO.
  • Good news: Riptor's back for the fans! Bad news: we learn it really, REALLY sucks to work at UltraTech.
  • Hisako's teaser at the end of Aganos' trailer. Hope you brought your brown pants.
  • Eyedol now has a single head, but it's split in half! You can even see his brain swell.
    • To say nothing of his theme. It sounds like the ending credits of a Slasher Movie!
  • The score theme from the SNES version is very creepy. Don't believe me? Check this out!
  • Maya's Ultimate in the 2013 could best be described as barbaric. The floating dagger strikes are par for the course with her, but near the end, her twin daggers bring her foe to their knees as she jumps offscreen, then position themselves under their face. Even if its your first time seeing it, you'll just know what's about to happen when the daggers snap into position, pointy end facing the sky. With a brutal jumping curbstomp, Maya drives their face into the ground, mercifully sparing us the view of her opponent's eyes getting skewered by the waiting blades. It's a cold, wicked execution that wouldn't feel out of place in Mortal Kombat, and it comes from one of the game's more HEROIC characters to boot!
  • How about General RAAM's guest appearance in the newest KI game? What's scary isn't the fact he's there or what he says (granted, that windy rasp is always unsettling,) but just how fucking huge he is compared to everyone else. In every video you see of him he will dwarf the character he's fighting! Hell, some of the other fighters barely come up to his hips!
    • He can summon Kryll. While the ones he uses as a ranged attack just do small amounts of damage, veteran Gears fans will remember just how nightmarish these Hollow bats were, what with their ability to tear anything, even Boomers (who, for context, could take 180 bullets before dying in the original Gears of War) apart in seconds.
    • Remember how he was able to summon Kryll to such an extent that they completely obfuscated the whole screen in what basically amounted to a pitch-black fog, effectively blinding you? That's his Instinct. And it passively damages you over time while you can't see a damn thing as he approaches and command grabs you to death.


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