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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider 555
aka: Kamen Rider Faiz

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This, being one of the Darker and Edgier incarnations of Kamen Rider, has a fair amount of Nightmare Fuel.

  • The first episode begins with some kind of laboratory experiment... and then some kind of monster from outside the building forces its way through security, killing without discrimination, and the (apparently thick and heavy) door to where the scientists are doesn't hold up very long. We don't really get to see the monster itself, either, which only makes it worse.
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  • Also, around episode 5, after Faiz defeats the Monster of the Week at the end of the episode, it comes back in human form to give Yuji and Yuka a warning, and then bursts into blue flame. The worst part is that there's a brief shot of the half-burned corpse, including his now deformed face and partially exposed (blue) skull. Ugh...
  • In one of the early episodes, Yuka is harassed by some incredibly cruel girls. Normally, this wouldn't be enough for Nightmare Fuel... except that most of it is just offscreen, and the circumstances make it sound and feel as if she's being raped.
    • Then there's Yuka's retaliation once she discovers her monster form. Also offscreen, but filled with the screams of those very same women as the swan molts everywhere.
  • Orphenoch victims. After being savagely attacked by a monster, they will stand up apparently just fine, act either a little confused or perfectly normal as if nothing happened for a few seconds, and then slowly crumble to dust, which they may or may not notice happening.
  • The Arch-Orphenoch, a monster the other monsters fear. A "perfect" Orphenoch whose diet consists of other Orphenochs. And this isn't off screen either, we get to see it happen when he hunts down the treacherous Kitazaki and kills him.
    • It should be noted that how this happens is worse than you're imagining. As Kitazaki tries to escape through a field of tall grass only for the Arch-Orphenoch to cut it all down with beams killing the terrified Dragon Orphenoch in the process. Then it stalks up to Kitazaki's petrified body and tears off his goddamn face before eating it, something we thankfully only see from the back. Then after the Arch-Orphenoch seems to decide it likes the taste, it grasps Kitazaki's corpse and reveals that it's Kamen Rider-esque mouthpiece isn't a mouthpiece as it opens it's jaws wide to devour it's prey. The sight is so horrifying that the Centipede Orpheonoch Itsuro Takuma, who looks like this is reduced to a screaming wreck fleeing for his life.

Alternative Title(s): Kamen Rider Faiz


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