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Nightmarefuel / Kajiri Kamui Kagura

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the god of the world
  • The fate of the world should ever Hajun's Law be completed or Tenma Yato's Law be applied on the Throne.
    • Once Hajun's Law is completed, everything in Existence besides him will be erased. This applies to all Concepts, Souls and multiverses. Even the Throne, an object capable of withstanding the blows of three Hadou Gods, would be erased. Once Yato did it did happen and just started with all living beings, regardless of their scale and family relation, starting to kill each other. A World of slaughter and exclusion. Furthermore, since souls itself can’t exist in Tengu Dou, death is absolutely irreversible, without chance of reincarnation. Because of omnipresent wilderness new life can’t be produced, progress of civilization is stopped, universe itself shrinks down, reducing the very possibility that new souls can be born. Billions of Śṛgālas (terminals of Hajun’s power, AKA mooks) and tens of thousands of pseudo-Gudou Gods battle with each other, sealing the fate of future, reducing universe to a mere slaughter feast until nothing remains in the end.
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    • It isn't better with Yato's: should he ever take the Throne, it would bring all Existence into stagnation. Lifeforms, universes and even concepts, everything will be frozen and no kind of change will ever occur. For all eternity.
    • The stalemate between the two is also bad, because without Yatos' Timestop completly manifestated, the world would still be destroyed, as he and Hajun have so much individual spiritual mass that the world wouldn't even be able to hold the existence of one of them, let alone both.
  • A battle between Gods for the rest of the world.
    • Several all powerful entities beyond your comprehension, with each of their attacks being capable of destroying entire universes including you. Also, if that does not happen to you, your chances aren't much better, because your soul will probably, together with millions of other souls, just be used for fueling the attacks of a Hadou God.

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