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Nightmare Fuel / Kaiten Mutenmaru

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The cutesy art style of Kaiten Mutenmaru belies the horrors that happen there, especially in the second season.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Second Season 

Ancient Land

  • Sick's Freudian Excuse, as seen in Chapters 155-158:
    • The poverty-stricken commoners suffered the tyranny of Pain and Yamai Solitude, but their atrocities as rebels — especially against children — dispel any sympathy they might have garnered. They wanted Sick dead solely for being the son of the Solitudes, and when Anne mentioned him, one of them thrust her away in the belief that she was with him not because they were in love but because she's a spy for the aristocrats. They ultimately killed her in a blind rage for stepping between them and Sick before he escaped his burning house with her help. When Sick found Anne's grave, the victorious rebels gloated about killing his parents — who turned into monsters in front of him — and taking the spoils of war in his hearing. Even Mutenmaru, an All-Loving Hero, fearfully equates them with monsters for being motivated by hate.
    • Chapter 157 spends two pages depicting the pure, unadulterated fury on Sick's face in a more detailed style than usual after he expressed displeasure at how the rebels destroyed his happiness but got theirs. The fact that Sick was just a child makes it disturbing to look at.
    • The Pensieve Flashback ends as Sick transforms into the villain as we know it under the corrupting influence of the Abominable Crystal in one of his parents' rings, promising to make people despair as they ran away in vain. One of, if not the, worst part of it all is that Sick's current self does not resemble the normal child he used to be in the slightest.

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