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Nightmare Fuel / Kagerou Project
aka: Kagerou Daze

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  • Chapter 18 of the manga was filled with this thanks to the appearance of Kuroha.
    • First was Kuroha's slasher smiles. It looked just like the ones he flashed in Outer Science.
    • Kuroha's murder of Kano, it was instant and gory.
    • Seto's death was the worst, he rushed towards Kuroha. Kuroha just shot Seto in the stomach and forced Seto to eat the barrel and killed him.
    • Kido's death wasn't kind either. After watching the death of her oldest friends, she was shot 5 times.
    • Kuroha's look as he killed Ene. He was clearly enjoying messing with Shintaro.
  • Chapter 19 of the manga is happy. The last few pages show Hiyori being hit by a truck.
  • Chapter 39 of the manga shows a red eyed Hiyori with Kido's corpse.
  • Chapter 48 of the manga route reveals that it was Hibiya, not Hiyori, who was possessed by the Wide Eyes Snake when he pushes Momo off the rooftop. The chapter ends with a full-page picture of Hibiya's Slasher Smile


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