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Nightmare Fuel / KaBlam!

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Not only does KaBlam! collide cartoons and comics, it can be horrifying at times.

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    Henry and June 
  • There was a Running Gag where Mr. Foot would shove a person into the trunk of the car and then drive off while the person is still sentient. It's either Funny or creepy depending on who you ask.
    • When he was shoved in, Ryan the creepy fanboy is seen to be taken to the dump on the back of the comic.
  • Henry and June melting while sentient.
    June: I'm trying to melt. Y'know, like Meltman.
    Henry: That's impossible!
  • Ryan. He's a creepy Stepford Smiler that's really obsessed with Henry and June.
    • In the Henry and June pilot episode, he asks for tongue scrapings and later blood samples. Talk about Squick.

    Action League Now! 
  • In general, there are plenty of And I Must Scream and Body Horror moments.
    • The scenes with these tropes would look more horrifying if they didn't use action figures.
  • The Hodge Podge. Especially when you learn his backstory.
    • The Hodge Podge was originally the Action League's accountant, but due to The Flesh's idiocy, ended up being wrecked in a blender and subsequently "operated" on by Bill. The outcome was the Hodge Podge.
      • There’s also the fact that he’s not a total idiot either. He’s accomplished such tasks as modifying a dolls voice box to flawlessly impersonate other characters, modifying his own body into a form that could access anything capable of playing music after creating a song that had subliminal messages to have the entire town against the league and creating a device to give total control of a car. Unlike The Mayor, Hodge Podge does not play around with his schemes, he takes them seriously absolutely gleeful the entire time and becoming more and more unhinged mentally. He’s absolutely brutal and violent with no remorse for his actions. Despite this he isn’t even truly a villain he’s just a guy who was turned into the nightmare hybrid due to former team members being incredibly incompetent. He just wants revenge that’s it. And he'll never stop until he gets it.

    Sniz and Fondue 
  • "A Toxic Tail" can be unsettling, especially to people who have arachnophobia. It also contains a ghostly scream at the end of the title screen tune.
  • The whole point of "The Borrowers" is that Sniz and Fondue are trying to avoid a loan shark after they borrow a quarter from him.
    • Also, the loan shark's bodyguard looks pretty disturbing.
  • In "Solitaire Confinement," a burglar breaks into Sniz and Fondue's house and takes everything in it while Fondue just sits in front of his computer playing solitaire while it all happens.
  • "Dark Vator" is all about Sniz and Fondue having an Elevator Failure. Also, the title screen scream from "A Toxic Tail" returns here.
  • The end of the voodoo doll episode. The gypsy uncurses the clay that Sniz made a Fondue doll out of by taking the hat off. Fondue then can't find his hat, and we get some creepy close-ups of the now hat-less doll.
  • Let's not forget the end of "Chicenary Chums", where Sniz is declared mentally insane and ENDS UP IN JAIL after Fondue pretends to be dead from one of Sniz's pranks. They both start laughing it off when Fondue visits him, and Fondue ends up in there too. Not what you'd expect from your average kids show.

    Life with Loopy 
  • The animation itself can have an Uncanny Valley effect on some viewers.
  • The donut (picture) at the end of "Goldfish Heaven."
    • Really, most of "Goldfish Heaven" ended up being pretty unnerving, as it was the show's pilot episode and the animation was a lot more rough compared to the rest of the show. This one shot of Larry laughing ends up falling deep down into the valley.
  • "Egghead" can be considered this.
  • The robot Loopy made in "Hi-Fi Frankenstein."
  • The goop creature that was formed with wart-removal cream.
    • Oh yeah, let's not forget Loopy's Dad's legendary wart. Ewwwwwww...
    • Also, the scene where the goop monster removes Dad's wart! Double ewwwwww! Advice: Don't watch that scene before, while, or after eating! Well, it does solve Dad's wart problem, but it's still a disgusting scene nonetheless!
  • In "Mom's Mystery Casserole", Loopy goes inside the kitchen pantry, only to find out that most of the food in there is expired. Then, she meets a bunch of sentient food, which each of the foods had a different idea of what to do with Loopy. She later insults the "king of the condiments," and all the sentient food begins to chase after her. She almost got sealed in a can.
  • In "I (Don't) Believe I Can Fly", Loopy seems to give up on trying to get Mike the duck how to fly. But as she walks away, she falls onto a flag on a plane as it takes off and is holding on for dear life, even heading straight towards hitting the powerlines. Sure, she might have staged it all in an attempt to motivate Mike to fly, but Loopy came pretty close to dying!

    Prometheus and Bob 
  • Prometheus is rather creepy looking and speaks in unintelligible, metallic noises. And while the shorts themselves are mostly slapstick, the opening is quite sinister.

    Emmett Freedy 
  • Doesn't so much fall into the Uncanny Valley as violently crash land there.

    The Off-Beats 
  • September started to have a Sanity Slippage because August forgot to feed him during "Paddleball Record."

    Anemia and Iodine 
  • At the end of the short, the cat they found makes an extremely disturbing face towards the audience. You can see it here. It also appear at the episode's end credits.
    • The faces Anemia and Iodine make when they scream are also disturbing.
  • Anemia cuts open a toy rat and pours its insides in the cat's food bowl.

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