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Nightmare Fuel / Jurassic Park (1993)

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Rexy makes her debut in style.

  • The very first death in the movie, in the first three minutes, Jophery, the Red Shirt worker who gets chomped by a Velociraptor offscreen when the attempt to move her from her crate to her enclosure goes wrong. Made all the more scary because, at this point in the movie, we don't know what this thing in the crate is and we never get a good look during the attack. It ends with all the other workers desperately tasing the unseen monster and Muldoon hanging onto the poor guy for dear life, screaming at the top of his lungs for someone to just shoot her. While they may have shot the raptor dead, it was already too late to save Jophery.
    • The glare between Muldoon and the raptor, knowing who they are.
    • The raptor manages to get Jophery by ramming towards one end of the crate, knowing what side he'll fall to, likely foreshadowing her species' intelligence and cunning.
  • The computer noises as the park's security systems fail.
  • The scene where Rexy attacks the tour vehicle with Lex and Tim inside. Normally, you'd expect a car to provide at least a modicum of protection from a wild animal. Not so with a T. rex.
  • The scene where Gennaro is killed, while amusing due to the fact that he's awkwardly sitting on a toilet, still manages to come off as scary with the way Rexy just bites right into him and brutally eats him.
    • Watch the scene where Muldoon and Ellie arrive at the Tyrannosaur Paddock. They find Gennaro's remains...several meters apart. Rexy didn't eat him; she flung him around like a rag-doll until he literally flew apart. While he was alive.
  • Nedry's death. The screaming.
    • The Dilophosaurus in general. At first, she comes across as this curious little critter with a rather cute, monkey-like cry and you think she's harmless, but then she won't stop coming near you. Then she shows her true colors.
      Nedry: You scared me. I thought you were one of your big brothers. You're not so bad.
    • When Nedry gets hit with her venom a second time, you can hear a sizzling sound. This implies that the corrosive venom would have slowly dissolved his eyes away. Almost makes his death sound like a Mercy Kill.
  • Malcolm hearing the distinctive "boom" of Rexy's footsteps, and his eyes opening in pure horror.
    Malcolm: Anybody hear that? It's an... It's an impact tremor, that's what it is... I'm fairly alarmed here.
    • Then, when Ellie and Muldoon rush back to the jeep, Rexy bursts out of the undergrowth just as they speed off, prompting a chase that nearly gets the trio eaten before they finally get away. Ellie's screams of terror as Rexy comes so close to catching them will haunt you.
    • Watch the scene again. At one point, Rexy rams the side of the jeep with her head, and if she didn't come into direct contact with Ellie right then, it sure looked like it! One can hardly imagine her terror in that instant; no wonder she screams as loud as she does seconds later. Rexy could have eaten her right then and there.
    • The mirror is labelled: "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." The T-Rex gets close enough that its gaping mouth appears to be the only thing in the mirror. That mouth is somewhere behind, or over, the jeep.
  • The scene with Ellie in the maintenance shed trying to turn on the power and suddenly being attacked by a raptor, then having Ray Arnold's bloody and dismembered arm fall onto her shoulder who was mauled by them offscreen.
  • The Big One, a hyper-intelligent Velociraptor. She uses one of her pack members to lure Muldoon out into the open, pops up right next to him, and starts tearing him apart a few seconds later. Not to mention the fact that they surprise-attack Grant, Ellie, and the kids in the Visitor Center and would have killed them had Rexy not intervened.
    Muldoon: [The Velociraptors] show extreme intelligence. Even problem-solving intelligence. Especially the Big One; we bred eight originally, but when she came in, she took over the pride and killed all but two of the others. That one... when she looks at you, you can see she's working things out.
    • The way Grant describes the way they hunt early in the film is pretty unsettling:
      Grant: You come across this "six-foot turkey" and you keep still because you think he can only hunt things that move, like a T. rex. He won't see you if you hold still. Uh-uh, not this guy, not Velociraptor. You stare at him...and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes, but not from the front, but from the side. The other two raptors you didn't even know they were there. [...] The point is, you're still alive when they eat you.
    • All of Grant's childlike wonder about real dinosaurs goes out the window when he realizes the cute little newborn dinosaur he's looking at is a Velociraptor.
      Grant: You bred raptors...?
    • The kitchen scene with the two raptors stalking Lex and Tim, and one of those raptors being the Big One. Critics didn't name this scene as the 95th scariest movie moment of all time for nothing! Also worth mentioning is the dinner scene with the kids, which is initially quite happy until Lex spots the shadow of a Raptor through one of the murals. She can only stare and start shaking so hard the jelly falls out of her spoon. PURE. DREAD.
    • And the sound the Velociraptors make when they walk! The thud of the foot, then the tick of the "killing claw." If you have pets with claws and hardwood floors, prepare to freak the fuck out if one of them goes wandering the house late at night...
    • Also, the truly blood-curdling screeches coming from their cage when the raptors tear apart the hapless cow dropped in their pen as lunch.
  • The scene at the climax when they get to the Control Room. Ellie immediately runs to Nedry's console to reactivate the park's security systems while Grant waits at the door with the rifle. He sees their primary concern immediately, with the camera following his gaze, as he says, "The door locks! Ellie, boot up the door locks!" Then he looks back up and the raptor that was following them is right there, where she wasn't literally seconds ago, looking straight into his eyes. They both look down at the lock, and before Grant can do anything to stop it, the raptor works the handle and manages to throw the door wide open before he gets it closed again. It takes both him and Ellie to keep the door closed, and they're struggling with all their might the whole time. Repeat: One raptor is physically stronger than two grown adults.
    Alan: [struggling with the raptor] No, boot up the door locks! Ellie, get back! Boot up the door locks!
    Ellie: [joining him by the door] You can't hold it by yourself!
    • There's also the menacing look on the raptor's face when she looks at Alan. Probably the closest a reptilian snout can come to a Slasher Smile. It's bloodcurdling.
  • A minor one comes from Hammond himself. Throughout the movie, he's been nothing but a kind old man who may lose his temper once or twice, but he's the quiet voice of grandfatherly dignity. And then he hears Grant shooting over the phone and screams "GRANT!" at the top of his lungs. A minor scare, but one of the most unexpected.
    • It's even worse than that. He just got a very unexpected phone call from Grant and knows that his grandchildren are there with him, safe, from Grant's own words. All is well, they're going to be fine and get out of this alive. And then he hears the sound of glass shattering, Ellie yelling a warning, then gunshots, then nothing. All that relief he feels hearing that Tim and Lex are safe is instantly replaced by utter horror. He knows they had been in danger just because the raptors are still skulking around, but now he knows that one of them is right there, almost in the room with them.
    • There's also the genuine horror in Ellie's voice when the relieved mood with her, Grant, and the kids in the Control Room is abruptly shattered by a loud crash from behind them and the realization the raptor isn't going to be denied its prey by a locked door.


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