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Nightmare Fuel / Johnny Bravo

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A strange and disturbing episode.

  • "Damien's Day Out", where Johnny Bravo has to take care of essentially a demonic baby, with supernatural powers and all. Johnny does everything he can to get rid of Damien, but fails every time. The scene where Damien raises zombies to seemingly attack Johnny is a significant Nightmare Fuelish moment, though it ends up being hysterical since all the zombies do is kindly drop Johnny and Damien back at Johnny's house. When Damien's mother comes back to retrieve him, Johnny insults her for her sons shenanigans. As a comeback, Damien's mother turns Johnny into a lizard. The End. Luckily, everything returns to normal by the next episode.
  • The whole "Big Brother" plot from "Brave New Johnny". As if the bad future wasn't bad enough, we've got this freaky looking guy whose got armies of people that he uses to send anyone who shows signs of not following him to rehabilitation camps.
  • The fly episode "I, Fly", especially the ending. *Brrrr.....*
  • The "Little Talky Tabitha" episode, where Johnny is being tormented by one of Suzie's dolls.


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