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Nightmare Fuel / Jet Set Radio

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For a game series about skating and breaking the law, Jet Set Radio and its sequel do have their moments of sheer terror.

  • "Grace and Glory" from Jet Set Radio. The level it plays in, "Final Groove", also counts, if it weren't for those silly rhinos who look like theme park mascots... if it weren't for the fact that said "silly rhinos who look like theme park mascots" wear Slasher Smiles, breathe fire, and burn you if you take too long to tag a spot...
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  • In Jet Set Radio Future, the final level is straight-up Nightmare Fuel (and What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?).
  • The Japanese version's voices of the Noise Tanks in Jet Set Radio make them sound incredibly unsettling.
  • In Jet Set Radio, Captain Onishima is a crazed but bumbling and incompetent villain who is played for laughs. His counterpart in the sequel, Inspector Hayashi, is just as insane - but significantly more menacing and far less predictable. He always talks with a shrill, wavering voice that drips with cackling insanity, and unlike with Onishima, it's not funny in the slightest. Highlights include his incredibly unsettling laugh and facial expression as he appears, unexpectedly, the moment you hop off one of 99th Street's dragons to return to the Garage, as well as his demented speech when confronting the player at the Death Ball stadium which devolves into frustrated, manic laughter as he pleads for the player to die.
    Hayashi: Ha ha ha...! Someone was kind enough to let me know you're here. Now's my chance to take care of you once and for all. This time I'm prepared, so don't think it'll go down like last time...resistance is futile, you little guinea pigs...just accept your fate! Ha ha...
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  • The main villain's goal in the first game is a wee bit unsettling. He is trying to collect all of the pieces of a satanic record that is said to summon demons. It later turns out to be a hoax, but still...
  • Near the end of Future, you must rescue Yoyo from the Fortified Residential Zone, which is set to explode in 20 minutes. Yes, the police and the Golden Rhinos are crazed killers and try to kill the GGs throughout the course of the game, and it was all played for laughs then, but what brings this into Nightmare Fuel territory is the fact that Yoyo is only 12-14 years old, and they're going to blow him up along with an entire residential area. Again, they're going to blow up a 12-14 year old boy, and take out an entire residential district along with him. That just drives the point home on how evil they really are.
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  • Rhyth's face in JSRF. Just that dead, emotionless, freaky stare of hers, that looks as if she is staring into your soul. AAAGH!
  • In All-Stars Racing Transformed, Beat and Gum went for a dip in the Uncanny Valley. Beat looks like the developers were trying too hard to make him look like a real person, and as for Gum, she has a really terrifying face for her in-game model. Better yet, when you finish a World Tour mission or a Time Trial as Beat, if you wait long enough, he will start breathing from his mouth, and he looks downright freaky as he does so.
  • The universe of the games itself, if you take some time to think about it. Adults Are Useless, there's a gang of Asian killers that terrorizes the city, and police are too scared to do anything, yet aren't above trying to shoot teenagers with bullets and missiles for simple acts of vandalism.


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