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Nightmare Fuel / Jessie

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  • Creepy Connie. Especially when she's dressed up like a Dementor, and when she threatens Luke with a flamethrower!
    • Mad Max, although she was only acting.
      • Stuart, to a lesser extent.
  • In "Star Wars", Morgan scares the kids with a realistic beating heart that he pretends bursts out of his chest.
  • The Lady Gaga cosplayer in "Take the A-Train… I Think?". It's even lampshaded by Emma.
  • Madeline from "What A Steal":
    • She is only a child and already she has turned to crime, even involving her older brother as her accomplice in her nefarious plot to steal the Ross's valuables. And to think.... this is the same actress who plays sweet and adorable Chloe James, thus rendering Madeline's behavior all the more disturbing, especially when she attempts to justify her betrayal against Ravi with "Sorry, nerd, it's just business". Even a ten-year-old child knows that business, by definition, is about the art of negotiation, and that it's not a negotiation when she and her accomplice hold the Ross kids and their nanny as hostages in their own home!
    • The very idea of a child committing grand larceny at any age is terrifying enough to make anyone shudder. Frankly, it takes both Troubling Unchildlike Behavior and Adult Fear to a whole new level, especially as far as Morgan and Christina are concerned, since, were they to find out about it, they would have to constantly worry not just about home security, but more than that; they'd constantly fret about their kids' lives being put in danger by their very own peers. If a young child and her minion(s) commit grand larceny on Day 1, what's on their agenda for Day 2? Mass murder?! To say nothing about how terrifying it is for any right-minded adult to think of an otherwise bright and precocious child like Madeline completely ruining the rest of her own life by committing such a heinous crime in the first place. It makes you wonder what kind of background of bad influences she has witnessed and/or experienced.
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  • Zuri’s creepy dolls. It’s even worse when one of them gets its face melted with a blowdryer.
  • Millie the mermaid’s gruesome “death”.
  • The fact that Jessie almost got married. Not only was she a bit young (she was 22 at the time), but her arch nemesis Mrs. Chesterfield would have been her MOTHER-IN-LAW.
  • Mrs. Chesterfield in general. She threatened to skin Mrs. Kipling, was possessed by Zorag, is a major pervert (especially towards Bertram), and she only married for money. The fact that we never see or hear of her ex-husbands is even scarier.
  • Emma’s tea slime growing. No wonder Luke was afraid of it.
  • The dead nanny from the 20s trying to take the candy.
  • Jessie going insane in “The Whining”. Considering what it’s a parody of, this is pretty dark for a kids’ show.
  • Emma, Luke, Zeus, Mrs. Kipling, and Mrs. Chesterfield getting possessed.
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  • Mad Max, Connie’s actress friend. She has a necklace made of her own TEETH.
  • Jessie’s crush on a boy who only ate GARBAGE. Not only is this incredibly disgusting, it’s also dangerous. People who do this in real life could end up swallowing razor blades and the like.
  • Jessie’s bite wound, while played for laughs, could have killed her. Emma stabbing it with a fork would make anyone wince.
  • It’s implied that Luke used to be an orphan, since Kenny was “all he had” before he met the Ross family. The thought of a young boy all alone with only a stuffed animal for company is equal parts sad and scary, especially since he was hellbent on finding his birth mother.
  • Mrs. Kipling crawling into Jessie’s bed. The scream is certainly understandable.
  • Jessie being trapped in the circus toilet.
  • Bertram and Luke trying to kill the spider. Once they do, the babies come for revenge. This would make any arachnophobe paranoid.
  • Luke raging after having his eyebrows ripped off. It’s a side of him you NEVER want to see.
  • Zuri saying that someone was “asking for it” in one episode. Not only is it disturbing for a kid’s show to reference rape, but this comment is incredibly offensive to rape victims. Also, Zuri is eight. How would she know what rape is?
  • Some of Emma’s behavior isn’t exactly age-appropriate, such as flirting with older men, stuffing her bra, and dressing provocatively. No wonder Jessie told her to change her clothes for school once.
  • The banned episode that made fun of Stuart’s gluten allergy. While Stuart is annoying and Bertram can be quite insensitive, making fun of someone’s medical condition is never okay.
  • The kids being “sent to the ghost world” during Stuart’s Halloween party. The creepy phone footage is very realistic and convincing.
  • A girl’s wig being made of hair she found on the bus. It’s nauseating to wonder how and why she did this.
  • Jessie is partially deaf due to having a marble stuck in her ear. It’s been there for a long time, but we never know if she ever got it removed or exactly how much damage it’s done, i.e. if it eventually got lodged in her BRAIN.
  • Bertram’s leprechaun costume.
  • Jessie being thrown from the taxi in the first episode. While she is understandably angry, she is extremely lucky to not have been severely injured or hit by a car.
  • The state of Tony’s apartment. His doorman job doesn’t pay very well, and it’s severely cramped in there. Plus it’s infested with vermin. It makes you wonder how he manages to clean himself up, or even SURVIVE from being that impoverished and living in substandard housing. He eventually decides to become a firefighter. We don’t blame him.
  • The little girl destroying Zuri’s dolls and pushing the family down the stairs on a makeshift sled. Zuri understandably calls her a “monster”.
  • Zuri throwing Millie the mermaid off the chair before letting Jessie sit down, leaving some “scales” behind. It’s a good thing Millie’s an imaginary friend, or this could not have ended well.
  • One of Zuri’s stuffed animals is dressed like Hugh Hefner, better known as the rapist in charge of the Playboy Mansion before his death. Once again, Zuri is EIGHT. Let that sink in. Also, her toy baboon gets his crotch ripped off, prompting her to say that “he’ll never have children”.
  • Millie the mermaid having a rather questionable job in a dream sequence, with Zuri saying “don’t judge her”. Just how much sexual content is this little girl exposed to?

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