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Nightmare Fuel / Jackie Chan Adventures

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The show was pretty light hearted compared to others, but it did have its moments.

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    In General 

    Season 1 
The Power Within
  • Tohru is close to cutting open Jade's stomach with a huge sword in order to get the Rooster Talisman from there. Jackie, who is handcuffed to a nearby pole, can do nothing but watch.

Project A, for Astral

  • Jade ends up activating the power of the Sheep Talisman, which gives her Astral Projection. Unfortunately, the Dark Hand steals it and gives it to Shendu, who becomes a spirit and possesses Jade's body. Though Shendu is later exorcised, and Jade's back to normal by the end of the episode, the idea of being trapped in spiritual limbo forever while an evil spirit possesses your body is terrifying.

Day of the Dragon

  • Shendu obtains all 12 Talismans and turns back into his true form, a mighty and intimidating dragon. When Valmont tries to confront Shendu over the treasure he promised, Shendu refuses to pay up, so Valmont orders Tohru to fight the big demon dragon. It goes as well as you'd expect, with Shendu using his telekinesis and super-strength to effortlessly throw Tohru out of the skyscraper. Though fortunately, Tohru survives the fall with just some broken bones.
  • Of course, now Jackie has to stop the evil plans of Shendu, who is traveling to China with the goal of summoning an army of dragons to destroy all of Asia. Jackie has to defeat Shendu by carefully removing the Talismans from his body. Shendu comes close to killing Jackie, such as trying to eat him when he was unconscious, and eventually he grabs Jackie and prepares to toss him through the portal to greet his hungry dragon minions.

    Season 2 
Through the Rabbit Hole
  • The Dark Hand discovers that if they kill Jackie in the past, he would cease to exist in the present. The younger Jackie falls into a pool and comes close to drowning. Then, the grown-up Jackie looks at his disintegrating body before his very eyes.
    Jackie: Bad day...

Snake Hunt

  • One scene has Jackie climbing a bunch of vines to reach the Snake Talisman. However, they aren't really vines as Jackie finds out the hard way. And that's before the giant snake that even Tohru barely manages to hold off.

The Curse of El Chupacabra

Queen of the Shadowkhan

Shanghai Moon

Into the Mouth of Evil

  • Three criminals reveal their plan to use an ancient artifact to dry up the Ganges River, allowing them to reach the various treasures on the riverbed. A horrified Jackie points out that without the river, millions of people in India will die of thirst. The criminals are completely unfazed, and even laugh at him for caring about people while they will soon be filthy rich.

The New Atlantis

The Eighth Door

  • While the Chans are chasing Bai Tza to banish her back to the Demon Netherworld, Jade accidentally gets caught in the spell, which sends her through the portal to the Netherworld as well. Jackie, Uncle, and Tohru have to race against the clock to rescue Jade, before the Demon Sorcerers get to her first.

Demon World

Chi of the Vampire

  • We have the Jiangshi, an undead vampire who drains chi from the living. It feeds on Tohru, Jade, and Uncle, and when Uncle cannot be treated in time, he turns into another vampire enslaved to the Jiangshi's will.

    Season 3 
Sheep In, Sheep Out
  • It’s revealed that the Shadowkahn can enter dreams through the shadow realm!
  • Daolon Wong manages to steal the sheep’s power of astral projection and banishes Jackie and Jade’s astral forms from their bodies. When jade tries to attack the dark wizard, she goes right through him and for a split second a mass of screaming faces appears on the screen!

The Ox-Head Incident

Attack of the J-Clones

  • Bartholomew Chang has an entire crew of clones of the J-Team members created. One of the clones sent to infiltrate the real J-Team is a copy of Paco. While the Paco-clone fights the heroes, its face gets removed, revealing that it actually lacks human facial features. Later they find and rescue the real Paco, who is trapped in a cage somewhere.

    Season 4 

Black Magic

  • Tarakudo's cries for help inside Alcatraz that lure in Captain Black sound downright creepy.

Fright Fight Night

The Shadow Eaters

  • The Shadowkhan are scary enough, but a special mention goes to the Leech Khan. They initially appear as tiny and harmless, but their ability to eat shadows makes them more terrifying. They grow in size with every shadow they consume, eventually becoming able to eat whole humans.
    • After Tohru's and Chow's shadows are eaten, they fall into comas, and they wake up from it only after their shadows are returned to them. How it would be like to be left in an eternal sleep?

J2: Rise of the Dragons

  • The fire that targeted the Jades when they barely managed to escape the taxi cab looked pretty deadly. A split second after they leave, the cab explodes, forcing the girls to the ground.
  • The fact that Future!Jackie and Future!Uncle are minutes away from certain death at the hands of Shendu if it wasn't for Present!Jade's quick thinking.

Ninja Twilight

  • After the Chans recover all the Oni Masks, this turns out to be a bad idea — uniting all of them causes the masks to break, freeing all the Oni Generals and their Shadowkhan. Tarakudo then launches his plan of having the Generals summon enough Shadowkhan to shroud the Earth in eternal darkness. Everything, not just the sky, would be shrouded by an endless veil of darkness, while demons overrun the world.

    Season 5 
Relics of Demons Past
  • Jade ends up getting a Foot-in-Mouth moment when Drago breaks out of the net Captain Black shot at him with ease. Her face says "I fucked up."

The Demon Beneath My Wings

  • In-universe, Jade gets scared witless when she sees that her teacher Ms. Hartman has turned into the Sky Demon, and believes that she's become an evil monster. But fortunately, Hartman only uses her new powers to protect Jade from Drago.
  • The old mansion that everyone visits turns out to really be haunted after all. Ghostly poltergeists possess the furniture and decorations, trying to attack anyone that gets close.

Weight and See

J2: Revisited

  • The Chi Arcanum was something Shendu, his brethren, Daolon Wong, the Japanese demons or Drago had either never known about or had long forgetten about it. The arcanum's name means 'secret', so besides summoning a new type of Shadowkhan—one that's been never seen before—, there could've been a lot more Iso/Jimmy could've done hadn't it been for the Chan Clan and Section 13 stopping him.

The Powers That Be


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