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Nightmare Fuel / Jack the Giant Slayer

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  • The sequence in which hundreds of giants burst from the forest after the king and his forces.
    • Never mind that these Giants can out-run full speed, they can almost out-run horses as well. So, unless you have a healthy steed handy...may God have mercy on your soul.
    • Indeed, the very fact that these giants subvert the usual "Big = Slow/Clumsy" expectation goes a long way to make them frightening.
    • The giants in general can be quite scary for younger viewers at the very least, especially whenever they make snacks out of the humans.
  • Fallon's death (As provided in the picture in this page). No noticeable blood, but being ruptured by a giant beanstalk growing from within probably scarred a few kids. Special points for the bursting head, with an eyeball flying right at the screen.
  • Fallon's second head may count as this, being an undeveloped, malformed conjoined twin that is unable to properly speak and seems to be mentally challenged.
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  • Wicke screaming and crying as he’s about to be eaten by Foe (after ironically asking why people scream before they die) is unnerving enough, but combine that with his screams still being heard from inside Foe’s mouth (before he is ultimately silenced by the Giant’s teeth), AND the horrified look on Roderick’s face as Wicke calls out to him for help, just before his head is bitten off...Yikes...
  • The destructive consequences of felling a giant beanstalk are primly glossed over in fairy tales, No Endor Holocaust-style. In this film, they're very much not glossed over, and may well have killed more people than the giants did!

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