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Nightmare Fuel / Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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  • Viktor Cherevin explains in great detail over the phone on how he plans to torture Cathy unless Jack returns the stolen data from his office. What's worse is that he speaks very calmly about the plan and then escalates when he begins to shove the bulb into her mouth.
    Viktor: If you squeeze a neck just right [Cathy is forced to open her mouth], human beings can't keep their mouth closed. Jack, a light bulb will go into her mouth. Because in Lubyanka and Lefortovo prisons, we discovered in torture that vacuum glass explosions inside mouth causes damage to... Soft tissue, to enamel, to bone and to lungs also. It's quite a bit of, what do you say, havoc for forty watts. But when you look at this Cathy, you will know... And Jack, you will understand that I am very serious when I say that I want what you stole from me and I want it now... [Forcefully inserts bulb into Cathy's mouth] I put bulb in her mouth, Jack. Now, I have my hand beneath your bitch chin! And now in moment, I will crush her jaw, so she bites down on it and begins slow and painful death!

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