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Nightmare Fuel / Jack

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  • Drip, and to a lesser degree most of the other Sins, breathe this stuff.
  • The ending to "Dinner at Arloest's" is likewise particularly bad, especially when it's revealed that Arloest's sacrifice seems to have stuck at least one pair of people into Who Wants to Live Forever?.
  • "Been Reading Job" and "All Work And No Play" get bonus points for the casual life right before horror hits, and while the viewpoint character of "Hell Is That Noise" deserves what he gets, it's still very, very dark.
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  • Two words: Musical holes. * shudder*
  • The valley of lust...god, it's just...ew...
  • And the three-part comic "Twist, Twist, Twist" is also incredibly unnerving.
  • The Screaming Barrel. Sweet unholy fuck.


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