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Nightmare Fuel / It Could Happen Here

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The idea of the most powerful nation in the world falling into a civil war should be terrifying on its own. The podcast details just how much nightmare fuel it could bring.

  • Literally a year after the podcast was released (2019), many US cities fell into intense protests after the murder of George Floyd, with people in ALL factions showing up armed. Robert Evans in the podcast Worst Year Ever even commented how surprised he was how quickly things changed.
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  • One episode mentions a shooting at a protest where a right-winger fatally shoots a left-winger, and the nation's discourse becoming divided over the same footage being watched of it. Cue late August 2020 when Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two protestors and critically wounded another. Robert was not happy in his tweet.
  • How To Murder A City: The episode begins with a warning that it, along with the following episode, The Next American Genocide, will be extremely dark. The episode opens with a narration sequence of your character living in a city under assault from Christian Dominionist forces. One scene mentions how your character watched a video from a Dominionist controlled area where trans women were being stoned to death.
  • Later, Evans discusses his real-life experiences reporting in Mosul, which much of the episode is based on. He describes how his nightmares are not actually about the close calls he personally had, but rather the neighborhoods he saw pulverized by air power - their buildings and residents pounded to fine powder, black smoke crawling toward the sky, and the stink of rotting corpses bubbling up from below.
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  • The State Strikes Back has a disturbing scene where your apartment complex is raided by police/military forces, ending with one of your neighbors being executed. The narration goes out of its way to point out that you are unable to tell if the men in your apartment are police or military. With the increased militarization of the former however, the difference is mainly "academic" by this point.
  • The Next American Genocide: Full stop. The episode describes how another genocide could happen in the US, and even features audio clips from public figures citing their desire to murder LGBT people. The podcast invites you to realize that these clips were made in peace time. Imagine what they would say during a civil war.

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