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Nightmare Fuel / It (1990)

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...And when you're down here with me, YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!

  • Little Laurie Anne’s offscreen death at the beginning of the movie. Nothing Is Scarier indeed and her mother's scream upon discovering what happened to her daughter cinches it.
  • The scene where Beverly starts to hear the voices of dead children down her sink followed by a balloon inflating and popping out blood. It's made even worse by the fact that Beverly's dad doesn't even see the blood.
  • The shower scene in which Pennywise is shown calling out to Eddie from below one of the shower drains, lifts open the drain, sticks his hands out and shoves at the drain opening with his hands literally like it was clay to make it big enough so he can stick half of his body out and tell a horrified Eddie "Here I am, wheezy! Hey, you're gonna like it down here. Won't do any good to run, girly boy! See you in your dreams! Oh, come back anytime! Bring your friends!" No doubt it left kids with a paranoia fueled fear towards shower drains or probably drains of any kind. Pennywise then abruptly lowers his head and lifts it, letting out a loud unearthly roar before chuckling and looking directly at the camera, his mouth filled with sharp, menacing fangs while some creepy music plays.
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  • "Kill? <chuckle> ME? Oh, you are priceless, brat. I... am eternal, child. I am the Eater of Worlds - and of children. And YOU... are NEXT!"
  • During the initial confrontation with Pennywise, Eddie uses battery acid on the clown, partially melting the clown's face. Giving us this lovely Nightmare Face.
  • "Don't you want it? Don't you want it?! DON'T YOU WANT IT?!"
  • Akin to the scene where blood comes out of the sink is the scene wherein Bill is looking at an old photo album of his dead brother George, and suddenly Georgie's picture winks at him. He throws it across the room and the album starts moving on its own, turning back to that same picture, which then starts to bleed heavily. Then when his parents come in and can't see the blood.
  • This line from Pennywise: "I'll kill you all! *laughs* I'll drive you crazy... and then I'LL KILL YOU ALL! I'm every nightmare you've ever had, I am your WORST DREAM COME TRUE! I'm everything you EVER were afraid of!" The buildup to it: the kids find an old photograph with a familiar-looking figure in the background. And then it starts moving...
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  • Stan's suicide.
  • Tim Curry, in his clown make-up as Pennywise. Even when he's not doing anything particularly frightening in the movie, he's still creepy as all hell; the other actors/crew-members actually avoided Curry on the set.
  • The scene where Ben has just confessed his love for Beverly and they kiss and embrace, only for him to look in the mirror and see that the person he is holding... is wearing a clown suit.
  • Beverly's encounter with Mrs. Kersh. The tea turns into blood and Beverly drops it in shock. When Mrs. Kersh kneels down to pick it up, her face resembles a zombie and she speaks in the voice of Bev's abusive father.
  • Eddie's encounter with Mr. Keene, and the idea that Keene's memory of Eddie was all fabricated by the Clown.
  • Audra's encounter with a gas station attendant just outside of Derry. When he refers to the Barrens as "where they used to play when they were kids", you KNOW that he's actually Pennywise in disguise.
  • The idea that the adults can't see the blood and therefore cannot remove the blood until they wash the body part bloodied, means they could go up to a day without washing it off if it's on their faces, and hours if it's on their hands...there could be phantom alien paint all over Bill Denborough's and Bev Marsh's houses.
  • Most people criticize the Giant Spider at the end for looking cheesy and fake, but the tunnel outside It's lair, the door surrounded by bones, and especially the webbed-up bodies in the ceiling (including Bill's wife) are pretty damn creepy.
  • More Paranoia Fuel combined with a bit of What Happened to the Mouse? , but...In the book Tom Rogan drops dead when he sees IT. In the movie adaptation, Bev simply leaves him. Although he's not portrayed as quite the asshole he is in the book, what if he is and he's still out there, and he'll be coming after her?
  • The dog in the clown suit may look silly, but the setup can still be pretty scary. In the book, the asylum guard, Koontz, is revealed to have a fear of Doberman Pinschers. When Henry tries to escape and get back to Derry with It right behind him, Koontz is ready to beat the snot out of him. But then he stops dead in his tracks as It sidesteps to greet him as an oversized dog, something that isn't natural, just like every other form It takes to scare its victims. As It attacks him, the asylum guard can only scream in terror as he falls over and is about to be mauled to death. The sound effects in the background that sound like angry dog growls and a human scream certainly don't help.
  • The scene where the gang opens up fortune cookies that contain eyeballs, cockroaches, a baby chicken, and blood.
  • Georgie's death. Yes, the 2017 movie ramps it Up to Eleven, but the miniseries uses Tim Curry's Nightmare Face shown above and Nothing Is Scarier to great effect.

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