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Nightmare Fuel / In the Flesh

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General Examples

  • Let's face it, the whole idea of the show is obvious nightmare fuel. A Crapsack World where after zombies rise from their graves, they are given a drug that sends chemicals to the brain and allow them to live their lives, as normal people. Heartwarming? Sure. But then they have to deal with obvious Fantastic Racism and an army that was formed to kill them. In Kieren's case, his sister is a soldier of that army. And she will never accept it, and isn't okay with him being a zombie.
    • It isn't any better in Rick's case either, because his father is a soldier who is both zombie-phobic and homophobic. Of course, Rick is Straight Gay and can hide his sexuality well since he doesn't exhibit any stereotypes.
  • The drug Blue Oblivion, a street drug that will suddenly turn a zombie rabid again, even permanently. A small dose can turn them rabid.

Series 1

  • In the first episode, the across-the-street neighbours of the Walkers are treated to the pleasant discrimination, because the wife is a zombie. She is shot in the head in the middle of the street. The Walkers witness this, and even Jem is shocked and moved by this horrible sight.
  • In the second episode, Kieren and Rick are dragged along to a "Rotter" killing. Rick doesn't mind because he is a soldier, but Kieren has to watch the zombies get killed. Though that is also debatable, as Rick is immediately reminded that his best friend is a zombie and he is killing one of his own kind.
    • The scene where Kieren is discovered by someone who knows him at an amusement park."He's a rotter!!"
  • Watching Rick's mental state deteriorate over the course of episode three, to the point where he actually forces his father to kill him. The fact that he isn't look at his non made-up self is just disturbing.
    • Same episode, when Kieren visits the supermarket and has the flashback of eating his sister's ally.
    • Doubles as Tear Jerker, but the fact that Kieren killed himself without telling his family at all, in a cave far off from where he lives. It took two weeks for them to find his body!!! No wonder Rick freaks out at him in the second episode, and that his family has a sense of resentment towards him because of it.
      • Gets even worse when you consider that this may be the actual reason that Jem hates Reanimated!Kieren for much of the season, and why Kieren's mum admits that she's afraid of her own son.

Series 2

  • The whole season. Just when the town has reached something of a fragile peace, a zombie-phobic MP comes in and runs the town, Jem accidentally murders a PDS sufferer and said MP and her jerk boyfriend convince her to cover it up, terrorist groups are at large, and it seems as if peace will never be an option.
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  • As pictured above, the opening scene of season two, when a terrorist group inhales Blue Oblivion and attacks people on a bus, including small children. The fact that things have gotten this bad... shudder...
  • While Episode 3 is something if a Breather Episode, the scene where Freddie forgets his medicine. But rather than having someone come over and help him out, while he can still think. He grabs a nearby hammer and tries to make his ex-wife kill him with it.
  • Simon's entire backstory, from chronic depression leading him to a drugs overdose, to killing and eating his mother in his untreated state, to being experimented on at the Treatment Centre (to the point of cutting open his spine), to a final rejection from his father sending him into the arms of terrorist cult.

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