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Nightmare Fuel / Il Sole penetra le illusioni

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This magical girl show may have young protagonists and a cutesy art style, but it still wastes alarmingly little time in becoming disturbing as all get-out.

  • In the very first episode, right after her first battle against a Daemonia, one of the first things Akari sees when she regains her senses is her cousin's dead body in a spreading pool of blood.
  • All those people possessed by the Diabolos Tarot to the point of losing themselves in the process.
    • Episode 4 has the evil fortune teller devouring the victim with his/her Belly Mouth. Which opens in an eerily yonic fashion and bursts forth as a freaky serpentine creature that bears a certain resemblance to Charlotte.
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  • The fate of Seira's childhood friend Manami. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice doesn't even begin to cover it — she dies that way right in front of a maybe-ten-year-old Seira. The horrible splattering noise that comes with it doesn't help.
  • Episode 9: Seeing Luna being possessed by the Emperor Card is pretty damn terrifying, and it's not help by the fact that she's in clear pain. Not to mention that afterwards, she's like a feral animal.

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