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Nightmare Fuel / ICO

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  • The Shadow monsters. Good god, the shadow monsters. They come out of nowhere, swarm you incessantly, and try with mind-numbing determination to take Yorda away from you. A single hit knocks you on your arse, and Ico just lays there for a few seconds, gasping in pain. Meanwhile, the shadow monsters grab Yorda and begin dragging her away to the portal. And if they do, its over for the both of you.
    • The worst part of it is how damn smart they are. They come at you from multiple directions and dimensions, flying around to get a better shot or flattening to shadow to wait for an opening. They work together, smacking you in the back while you're focused on another target or blocking your way as you chase after Yorda. They use tactics, dragging Yorda to the farthest portal so you have to fight them all to get to her, or waiting until your back is turned to come at you. And they never, ever give up. They can also knock you over the edge if they get a good hit in.
  • The shadows are the souls of horned people entombed alive in the castle. Including children.
  • Ico's intended fate at the beginning of the game. He's not only condemned to a tomb but also shackled. Alone and trapped in the dark, with only luck saving him from either suffocation or dehydration, whichever came first.
    • The walls of the tomb room are packed full of identical pods, indicating that Ico's intended fate isn't exactly unique.
  • The Queen herself. Just the idea of someone commiting such horrible actions with no remorse is quite frankly terrifying
  • Upon approaching the Queen's throne room in the endgame, everything seems quiet...too quiet. You can dance on the Queen's throne, wave around your sword, anything—and nothing happens. Then, you turn to leave, and suddenly the Queen's on her throne and calling after you. How long was she there for?