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Nightmare Fuel / Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

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  • The introduction of Cretaceous and Maelstrom in The Meltdown. Just a simple closeup on one of them frozen in the ice, the music builds, then…THOOM. Seriously freaky.
    • Also considering that Cretaceous and Maelstrom don't speak and they look and act realistically, they are very dark antagonists. All they utter are ferocious, growling and hissing sounds.
    • It's rather easy to notice upon a second viewing that Cretaceous and Maelstrom aren't just acting like typical predators: there is actual, intentional spite in their eyes when their prey gets away, and Cretaceous actually seems to smile when lunging for Manny. Maelstrom later shoots Manny a murderous glare when the two have him cornered underwater, all but confirming that It Can Think...
    • The director does a great job in making the viewers expect the beasts to strike anytime. The young aardvark that is left behind and looks into the lake looks very much like a potential victim and... splash! It was just Fast Tony's glyptodon lackey Stu scaring him senseless into leaving, and then while he swims carefree, it comes as no surprise that the snorkel gets dragged down and Stu gets devoured alive. And his remains, the shell, gets used by his boss (the aforementioned Fast Tony) as a boat.
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    • Just the fact that if Stu hadn't scared away the young aardvark, Infant Immortality WOULD have been averted.
    • Also considering the fact glyptodon shells are living parts of the body, the fact poor Stu was ripped clean out of his paints a VERY disturbing picture of what his death must've been like...
  • The vulture confirming that the dam will burst and the valley will be completely flooded in a few days is somber and haunting, especially as the animals look around as the vulture makes clear they're in a bowl ready to be filled up. The vulture also makes it clear what will happen to them if they either perish during their exodus to the boat, or die in the flood:
    Vulture: There is good news: The more of you die, the better I eat. I didn't say it was good news for you.
    • "Do not leave your child unattended. All unattended children will be eaten." Jesus, birdie, could you really not avoid to say that?!
  • The film continues to regularly cut back to the deteriorating dam, with an ominous rumbling growing louder and louder with each time. When the dam finally does burst, it's with an almighty explosion of water that instantly floods the former waterpark and half of the movie's settings. We cut back to the boat, where the animals all feel the rumbling caused by the biblical flood and realize what has happened - they promptly begin stampeding up the mountain to hurry onto the boat.
    • After Ellie is trapped, we cut to the approaching floodwaters again, and see Cretaceous and Maelstrom surging with the floodwaters, ready to pick off whatever mammals didn't escape in time. Now the mammals are in their element.
    • When Manny rushes to go save Ellie, he pauses when he notices something on the horizon - it's the gigantic tsunami caused by the flood, barreling towards them. Manny is appropriately terrified.

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