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Nightmare Fuel / INSIDE

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This game is a Spiritual Successor to LIMBO, but where that game went for the horror of nature, this game goes for the horrors that man can wreak upon himself.
  • The amount of noise there is in the game after you get subsumed by the Body of Bodies Blob Monster and go on a rampage is incredibly jarring. Up to that point most of the sound had been ambient noise save for things like dogs barking or the Shockwave generators. Then you break loose and everyone starts screaming and you are constantly making dozens of grunts and moans from all the constituent bodies that compose you. At one point, you even come across a man in his office, leaning against his window, terrified. Run towards him and both of you fall down as the man screams, then SPLAT.note 
    • Watch closely after you knock the guy out the window. One of those pieces of his splattered body that's left over? A few seconds later, it twitches.
    • The cries of pain the Body of Bodies makes when you're holding the flaming box near the end aren't too great, either.
  • Compared to Limbo, there's fewer ways to die, but they're far more gruesome. Right from a dog ripping out the poor boy's throat, to getting blown so hard off the screen by a shockwave that the only thing left will be a bunch of bloodstains.
  • In what becomes a massive puzzle, there is apparently an enormous and continuous shockwave generator. This takes place in a gigantic room several miles long and wide. At its center, bright explosions are followed by shockwaves capable of lifting objects so hard they can dent concrete, and transform visiting humans into a red mist. Is it a series of atomic explosions, a perpetual engine machine gone wrong, or an experiment gone wild? Nobody seems to have been able to turn it off, whatever it is.
    • There's also the room lined with windows and filled with crash test dummies, implying the explosions are not accidental and the facility is testing its effect on the human body.
  • The Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl constantly trying to drag you down to the depths first appears to you in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it flash of black hair. The tension grows strong by the time you actually have to deal with her, which isn't for a few rooms after her initial appearance. Some of the puzzles that involve her are designed so that you barely get away from her in time. Made worse by the fact that, like much of the unsettling things in the game, there is no explanation as to where she came from or how she got like that.


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