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Nightmare Fuel / Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation

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  • CFW Trick's debut appearance is not only creepy due to the excessive use of shadows, but due to the immense amount of Adult Fear in the situation he's present in. Two little girls go off to play with friends, go away from them for just a moment and get kidnapped by a pedophile? Good Lord, way to set off episode 2 folks.
  • Episode 4 shows that, as the Goddesses are captured, the prison pyramid in which they are sealed is slowly filling with some strange, black liquid (which is either implied to be their bodies melting to become the liquid, which adds an entirely new level of horrific, or the liquified form of their power). When the black liquid fills the entire container, they will die.
  • It gets even worse in Episode 5 as the liquid reaches them and starts causing ethereal, moaning hands to coil around them as they all get slowly submerged, as the pyramid turns pitch black as they get fully consumed. Thank god for The Power of Friendship saving them all.

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