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Nightmare Fuel / Horimiya

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Hori-san to Miyamura-kun

The original webcomic has some pretty creepy moments, some of them that were probably too dark to adapt to Horimiya. Hero herself has marked chapters with warnings as such on her website and has advised a lot of them are not canon.

  • Chapter 47 of the original webcomic has Ishikawa choking Miyamura to death, and subsequently causing Hori and Yoshikawa to shame him. When he wakes up, realizing it was All Just a Dream, his monologue shows that this is the sixth time he's killed Miyamura in his dreams.
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  • Chapter 49 of the original webcomic features Hori and Miyamura having a very dark conversation about death, and while they have sex, Hori monologues on how cold Miyamura's body would be if he were dead. Miyamura then scratches her collarbone enough for her to bleed to show that her body is still warm and thus alive.
  • Chapter 195 has a Mind Screw sequence where Miyamura spends time with Hori while monologuing how much he's changed in the past 3 years, until suddenly Hori morphs into his past self, taunting him that he'll be thrown away soon. But Miyamura tells his past self that he loves him, that he will overcome his own loneliness and will also learn to love himself too, and the two Miyamuras share a kiss.




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