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Nightmare Fuel / Heroes And Villains By Horribles Igor

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This story wasn't rated Fiction M for nothing.

  • Dark Willow has had a couple moments of Sanity Slippage so far. The second one has her Laughing Mad, Suddenly SHOUTING! for a moment, and even the narrator gets in on the nightmare-factor, switching to italics at the climax of the moment, getting really intense.
  • Elsa actually has a nightmare in Chapter 11 (aptly titled 'Enigmas and Nightmares') where she's in Willow's building, and she is chased and subsequently eaten by tiny little things implied to be robots that change the white lights and smooth walls to red lights and tessellated hexagons while an unnamed figure sings the first verse of 'Still Alive', but slower and with emphasis on different syllables (Horrible's Igor has not said thus far if the tune was changed). When she wakes up, the inside of the car she was sleeping in is covered in frost and stalagmites are jutting out from her seat.
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  • Depending on how reliable A Brief Timeline Shuffle (Chapter 15) was, Doc hurts Elsa badly enough to cause brain damage at some point, causing her to lose sight in the upper-right quadrants of her eyes.

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