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Nightmare Fuel / Hercules

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The Disney film
Even if he is the epitome of Evil Is Cool, you do NOT want to get him angry.
  • The look of sheer rage on Herc's face right before he goes into the Underworld to confront Hades.
  • The Fates share an eye between them. ONE. SINGLE. EYE.
  • The Titans are so scary, they almost looked like they were coming out of the screen.
    • The Titans were heartless killers, and it was implied in the opening song that the remains of their victims WERE LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. Considering they're portrayed as little more than mindless, hate-filled forces of nature that could not be reasoned with at ALL, only locked away, you can imagine that Hades would probably have had trouble keeping them under control if he had won. The only reason he got them to obey him was that he had a target for them, once Zeus was gone, who's to say that Hades could control what he had unleashed?
  • The Hydra: it's monstrous, no pun intended, and what makes it scarier is that it's like the one monster that gave Hercules trouble — even more than the titans, it was the only thing that came close to killing him.
    Herc: (Terrified) Phil, what do you call that thing?
    Phil: (Equally Afraid) TWO WORDS! (The Hydra roars) AMSCRAAAAAAAAAAAY!
    • Just the Hydra's design: unlike the usual depiction of the Hydra as a snake or dragon, this version is a purple, alien-like creature, with bulging orange eyes, a flat vaguely-humanoid face, and an underbite with lots of pointy teeth. Parents who watched Pink Floyd: The Wall (who'd let a kid see it?) might find the Hydra's design unpleasantly reminiscent of this moment from "The Trial", since both films have the same animation character designer (Gerald Scarfe).
      • And if you thought its final desighn was bad, here's some concept art that is even worse.
    • Not to mention with the cel-shaded CGI, it looks more realistic while blended with the traditional animation. Granted, it was more impressive in 1997, but even now it's still disturbing.
    • The fact that the Hydra is one of the rare moments where blood is shown in a Disney movie: green blood, but still. Not to mention an on-screen decapitation, and a wonderfully gross cross-section of the Hydra's severed neck. Ew.
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    • That scream. And again, three times over, when the Hydra sprouts three new heads...It's telling that Phil, trainer of heroes who has stared down countless monsters and horrors, immediately wants to turn tail and run when the Hydra steps out of the darkness.
    • It ate Hercules alive! Followed by a horrifying belch. It's a good thing Herc happened to have his sword on him at the time.
      • After it ate Hercules it fully intends to fill up on the members of the audience.
    • It also stops to laugh at Hercules, and takes its time trying to eat him again when it has him pinned to the cliff. It's not just a mindless beast. It's a genuinely sadistic, evil creature, that takes great enjoyment in the terror of its victims...
    • Hercules' desperate struggle against the Hydra after it first revives. All we see are quick edits as Herc cuts and cuts, with more and more heads appearing. Finally, a look of pure horror on Herc's face as he stares down a massive FOREST of screaming Hydra heads.
    Hades: My favorite part of the game. Sudden Death.
  • Meg is seen dying in agony and then shown clearly as dead as Disney can get away with on a G rating.
  • Hercules' rescue of her soul showing his rapid aging gives both kids and adults nightmares.
    • As if these two aforementioned examples weren't enough, the Fates attempting to cut both threads of life with scissors is enough to make viewers young and old cringe and hold their breaths in fright. The first time, they are successful in cutting Meg's thread; the second time, Herc's thread glows and becomes invulnerable with his ascension to demi-godhood at the absolute last second.
    • For that matter, Hades getting pulled into the dead pool.
  • Hades' mood swings. When he's angry, he goes from controlled blue flames to out of control red flames. They can overlap with Funny Moments, but just keep in mind that he's still the God of the Underworld. Hope you aren't terrified of fire. His angry face is no picnic either. Just imagine watching the close-up on the big screen as a kid. The most angry time is when he catches Pain and Panic using Hercules merchandise:
    Hades: I can't believe this guy! I throw everything I've got at him, and — (Is cut off by the sound of rubber sandals squeaking, as he suddenly glances down at Pain) What... are... those??
    Pain: (Cut to Pain, who is shown wearing a pair of plastic Air-Herc Sandals) I dunno, I thought they looked kinda... dashing.
    Hades: I've got 24 hours to get rid of this... (Flares up) bozo, or the entire scheme I've been setting up for eighteen years... goes up in smoke. (Begins to burn out of control) And you... are wearing... his... MERCHANDISE?!
    (There is a slurp, and Hades is interrupted mid-rage as he begins to descend on Pain. They glance over at Panic, drinking Herculade)
    Panic: (nervously) Hehe... thirsty?
    Hades: (explodes into flames) GUUAARGH!
    (Cut to the distance — as Hades' scream echoes, a mushroom cloud explosion occurs in the background)
  • Cerberus. Especially with all those teeth. In fact, his introduction is him snarling at Hades as he's passing by.
  • The revelation that Hades is not like his neutral and mostly benign mythological counterpart but still rules over all the mortal souls that end up dying and essentially controls the afterlife. In the animated series, it’s mentioned that Hades has no control over the Elysian Fields which Zeus reserved as a resting ground for heroes, but if you’re not a hero like Hercules then you’re in Hades’ clutches. This spells a lot of Fridge Horror for all of Herc’s mortal friends and loved ones like Meg and Phil whose souls are vulnerable to eternal torture by Hades and his minions once they die. Granted, he doesn't actually seem to torture the souls of the Underworld, and if the Muses song is correct, he prefers to ignore them for being "dull", but if he actually WANTED to torment a specific soul, he probably could. Even ignoring that, the Underworld is pretty gloomy even by Greek standards. It's not Hell, but you wouldn't want to spend eternity there.
  • The Cyclops and his bellowing taunting for a depowered Hercules to fight him and his eventual attempt to bite off Hercules’ head: "HEERCCUULLEESSSS!"
    • Not to mention Hercules blinding him with fire.


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