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Nightmare Fuel / Hellstar Remina

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On the left - the Moon.
On the right — Hellstar Remina's tongue

  • Aside from the horror of all the world's population turning against a teenage girl and her father for the stupidest reason (Okay, yeah, the world will be destroyed, but just because the disaster and the girl share a name is no reason to hunt her down...), there's the sight of planet Remina itself. It...has eyes. And a satellite manages to snap a photo of it destroying extending a huge tongue from itself and eating it like a frog does a fly.
    • Part of the horror is Humans Are Bastards taking hold, what fear and hate can turn your basic decent human into. Especially "lovely" is what the bum who ultimately saves Remina answers when she asks him to just let her go and save himself.
      They get you, they don't, don't mean a thing to them. They'd never stop with you now that they got a taste for it.
  • Even when you know it's coming, it's still one of the crowning examples of this trope when Remina opens its giant eye, eyes the moon, extends its tongue, wraps it around the moon as everyone watches, swallows the thing whole...and then shifts its eye to gaze directly at Earth and everyone standing in the streets, looking on in utter horror. Mass "Oh, Crap!" aside, it's hard to even get scarier and more terrifying than that.
  • Junji Ito pulls no punches with depicting torture; Remina is whipped so much is shreds her dress and leaves welts on her skin, hung from her hands behind her back so all the weight is on her shoulders, nearly set on fire and possibly suffers from first degree burns on her legs and feet, had her head forcibly held under water for trying to get the mob to let the hobo she just met go, had her arms tied to a long bar with a second bar laid over her legs and stepped on (crushing her legs, arms and back between them) and suffers through various slaps, punches, hair pulls and is dragged across the rocky dirt ground by her hands. Her father is beaten and stabbed to death with spears, and the hobo suffers several of her tortures as well. The people who chase her are cruel beyond measure, and it's lucky the cultist didn't decide she deserved to be raped or mutilated for her crime of sharing a name with a monstrous planet. And every time she suffers, the crowd cheers. Lovely.
    • And for a little extra horror, her father might not have been dead after being stabbed since, after the bombs go off and Remina is dragged back to view her father's now-burned corpse, the cultist says that her father had been burned alive. And when the cultist orders Remina and the hobo to be strung up on the same cross? He orders Remina to be tied over the charred and withered corpse of her father. There's a close-up.


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