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Nightmare Fuel / Heavy Metal

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Befitting its status as arguably one of the few animated horror movies (outside Japan, at least) Heavy Metal has its share of scary moments, with two segments in particular standing out:

  • "B-17", which features two chapters, each more horrifying than the last:
    • During a night bombing raid, one particularly unlucky B-17 bomber is shot to pieces by both enemy fighters and AAA flak. All its crew are killed but the pilot and co-pilot, each more messily than the last. And the true nightmare fuel is that a lot of bomber crewmen died that way in real life.
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    • As if flying what amounts to a tomb with wings isn't bad enough, the plane encounters the Loc Nar and promptly develops a zombie plague, who attack the last survivor, the pilot. He bails out of his zombie-filled aircraft and parachutes down - only to find additional zombies there, waiting to feast on his flesh. If you're truly feeling brave enough, the image is here.
    • Fridge horror if you go back to just when the zombies bust into the cockpit. The first zombie in has no hat and seems to have the same hair style as the copilot that went to check things in the back. This means the that the copilot who went to check and was brutally killed with Gory Discretion Shot (while blood and struggling is shown we don't actually see the copilot ripped apart) by a zombie then became one himself.
    • The whole short is definite proof that horror can be just as effective in animation as in live-action.
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  • "Captain Sternn", where a trial-witness named Hanover Fiste gets increasingly angry whenever the prosecutor asks him questions because of the Loc-Nar's influence, eventually turning into an Incredible Hulk-like thing and chasing after the titular defendant. Hellbent on murdering him.
  • Who could forget the expressions on the little girl's face whenever they cut to her while the Loc Nar is talking to her. Those faces are sheer terror. It almost looks painful to watch.
    • The Loc Nar is also unsettling. Its voice can give you shivers, as does the things it says.


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