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Nightmare Fuel / Hatred

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Yup, this is our character.

Consider Hatred's premise: You are an Omnicidal Maniac with an death wish who wants to kill as many people as he can. No reasons or justification. And it doesn't get any lighter from there.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The trailers both pull this off with our protagonist, the Antagonist, giving off chilling monologues on how he hates humanity as a whole and wants to kill and die violently. The black and white color scheme, along with the rather muddy graphics don't help matters at all.
  • The way the violence is carried out is done in such a disturbing way that even thick-skinned gamers feel uncomfortable looking at the game.
    • To elaborate, the finishing moves Not Important pulls off on his victims are visceral as all hell that makes Manhunt looks like child's play. His knife finishers stand out substantially, as he simply pins someone to the ground and stabs them in the chest repeatedly. It brings that one scene in the 2009 Halloween II to mind.
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  • The trailer's narration sounds too similar to the modus operandi of real mass shooters. No wonder certain people are unamused.
    The Antagonist: My name is not important. What is important is what I'm going to do. I just fucking hate this world, and these human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred, and I always wanted to die violently. This is the time of vengeance, and no life is worth saving, and I will put in the grave as many as I can. It's time for me to kill, and it's time for me to die. My genocide crusade begins here.
  • The Antagonist's entire rampage counts as this in a big way. With recent massacres involving lone shooters making lots of headlines, the thought of someone going full bore psycho on an entire population with as many guns as they can carry, with nothing one can do to stop it, is pretty much nightmare incarnate.
    • And now with the release of the DLC, Survival, this relation with real life has become even more eerie, as after the Antagonist blew up the nuclear plant and reduced the city into ruins, killing himself in progress, other misanthropes have taken inspiration from his killing spree and are now pulling their own murder-suicide rampages. You know, kinda like how Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold inspired other disgruntled youths to make their own murder-suicide killing sprees in their own schools.
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  • Any time we see a helpless victim beg for the Antagonist to spare them is as horrifying as much as it is heartbreaking.
  • The ambient music that plays throughout the levels and the menu screens are chilling to listen to. It really sets the mood as to how bleak and helpless the world you rampage through in the game really is.
  • Looking past the hokey dialogue, the ending of the game is this for some considering you nuke the whole town, leaving nothing but rubble and a mushroom cloud to end the game on.
  • The credits where we are given a montage of people getting killed by the Antagonist to some very disturbing scream rock music.
  • One has to wonder how fucked up was the Antagonist's life was that drove him to be the Omnicidal Maniac he is.
    • There's also the possibility that he had no Freudian Excuse to speak of, and needed nothing to drive him on the path of violence, which is even worse.
      • Either way, both interpretations are equally terrifying. Either he's a psychopath, or a sociopath, or just a sadist. Or he could even be any two of those or all three.
  • The lack of Acceptable Targets adds to the nightmare fuel, this isn't some crapsack city where everyone is horribly corrupt and deserving of a bullet between the eyes like Grand Theft Auto or Postal, but innocent civilians and law enforcement who are trying in vain to escape or stop the massacre.


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