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Nightmare Fuel / Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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Ladies and Gentlemen: His Royally Disgusting Ugliness, Lord Voldemort. At least until the fourth movie.

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The first book of the Harry Potter series is mainly safe-for-reading by innocent souls, but there is a horrifying vision at the end, with Voldemort physically inhabiting Quirrell as a parasite, with his face protruding from the back of Quirrell's skull.
    • The video game version is even worse. Here, Quirrell twists his head around so Voldemort is facing Harry directly.
  • Harry's in the library late at night and opens a book. It SCREAMS AT HIM! It's like a disembodied head is trying to escape from the book, wide mouth yelling the entire time. And, if unintentionally, it foreshadow another situation where Harry encounters another face that's somewhere that isn't supposed to have a face.
  • The incredibly creepy music that plays in the background of the "restricted section" library sequence. It's an eerie ghostly hum, with faint timpani, cymbals, faint piano, xylophone, chimes, horror strings, and very faint wailing noises, all interspersed with an unsettling version of the main Harry Potter theme. It then turns into frantic strings when Harry is being chased. Try listening to that track ("The Invisibility Cloak and The Library Scene") of the film's score in a dark room...
    • It does become more sad before that chase part, though. The track starts playing a poignant version of the main theme for a moment when Harry finds the Mirror of Erised.
  • The scene where the Trio confronts Fluffy. In the soundtrack, you first hear a bassoon, an instrument also used in a version of Peter and the Wolf, signifying the angry grandfather who just wants to protect Peter (remind you of anyone?). The bassoon opens the track and continues playing its own tune behind the harp, reminding the audience of the dangerous (but good) Fluffy still being there despite the harp's calming tune.
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  • The scene near the beginning in which Dudley falls into the snake's enclosure as Aunt Petunia freaks out and Harry chuckles... but then, Harry notices Uncle Vernon glowering down at him with a nasty Death Glare of utter contempt, and all of a sudden, Harry's face looks stricken, as he imagines how he's going to be punished.
  • Quirrell feeding off the dead unicorn in the Forbidden Forest. When he notices Harry and Draco, he growls and slithers towards them, looking like a cross between a Dementor and Darth Sidious.
  • Fluffy, the three-headed Cerberus acting as the first line of defense for the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone is pretty terrifying, even though it's a good-aligned creature.
  • Quirrell being burned alive from Harry's touch. His reaction at the flesh on his hand melting is bad enough, but then there is his scream of agony when Harry uses his newfound power on the guy's face. It's also horrifying when Quirrel's face turns to crumbling stone in a nauseating-looking way, then his entire body begins to turn to stone, he lumbers and shuffles towards Harry like a zombie with his hand outreached, before collapsing onto the ground as a pile of dust. Brrr...
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  • There's also the genuine Adult Fear that is the premise of the book: Harry's parents know that the most deadly wizard of their time is hunting their infant. Even though they do everything they can, they can't stay alive to protect him. And instead of being raised in a loving household, he's given to a family who neglects/abuses him. This is justified later in the series as the Dursley family was the only place where he would be 100% safe from Voldemort or his followers, as Petunia is Lily's last living relative. Harry's childhood may not have been nice at all, but at least he wasn't killed and he was pretty much normal, although raised far away from all the fame.


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