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Nightmare Fuel / Halo: Reach

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  • Look closely at the background during the mission where you're flying around New Alexandria's skyscrapers rescuing people and destroying signal jammers. While you're desperately trying to reestablish a link to command and save the few people remaining, the Covenant is systematically glassing the entire city around you. Every couple of minutes the ships overhead fire their main guns, and more and more of the city is reduced to melted, burning ruins. By the end of the mission almost the entire horizon is glowing a fierce red. In the next mission, and for the rest of the game, the once-beautiful, vibrant planet is an ashen hellscape utterly devoid of living plants or animal life.
  • Nightfall, especially the first part with the Drone of Dread. The second part sounds a lot like Resident Evil music.
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  • The Covenant. The Grunts are still cowardly who run, the Brutes are still savages, the Elites are still sword-wielding samurai aliens, and the Jackals are still moving cover, but there's something about the redesign with the Covenant species that makes you seem...puny. It's almost like you're finally realizing that the Covenant are more than just bumbling comical armies. Hell, the Elite that roars at Six in WINTER CONTINGENCY; the Elites did not have those menacing teeth at Alpha Halo or the Ark!
  • (long beat) Slipspace Rupture Detected. Slipspace Rupture Detected. Slipspace Rupture Detected. Slipspace Rupture Detected. Slipspace Rupture Detected. Slipspace Rupture Detected. Slipspace Rupture Detected...
  • Arguably Noble Six's last stand should be seen as one. Imagine that from the perspective of the Covenant that advanced on that position. The game is ambiguous on how long it took Noble Six to get overrun and killed, but the novel goes into detail about it. Basically, imagine one man going up against an army of thousands, complete with tanks and air ships bombarding his position, and that soldier manages to keep the enemy at bay for many hours. Even when Noble 6 is finally overrun, he fights ferociously like a lion, killing or critically injuring the multiple Elites that attack him at close range. Making it more impressive is Noble 6 hits some of these Elites hard enough to break their energy shields, and the moment before the final blow (the cutscene doesn't show the moment of his death) a grounded Noble 6 punches an Elite so hard in the face that it kills him outright. One can only imagine what the Covenant said to their high command about how one man did that much damage to them. It's hard to imagine that Noble 6 wouldn't be the stuff of the Covenant's nightmares, and his final resistance against them would serve as a grim reminder of why the Covenant call the Spartans demons. I

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