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Nightmare Fuel / Gretel and Hansel (2020)

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  • The Witch that cures the baby that would grow up to be the child in the pink cap, is cloaked and masked and drawing out a black smoky substance with spindly fingers.
  • Children descending into a hole in the forest floor while the child in the pink cap watches.
  • Gretel and Hansel being chased out of a seemingly abandoned house, only to be attacked by an emaciated man.
  • The cloaked figures off in the distance. It’s made even creepier when it’s implied that only Gretel can see them.
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  • Holda appearing out of nowhere when Hansel lets himself into her home.
  • The dreams Gretel has, if they were even dreams at all:
    • She narrowly misses the images of children in a full length mirror.
    • Later she finds her way to a white cellar with bodies covered with a white sheet while voices are whispering “Don’t look at me.”
  • Hansel finding a tree with children’s shoes hanging from the branches.
  • Gretel watching Holda take buckets of human parts and use her magic to turn them into delicious food.
  • Holda pulling masses of hair out of her mouth.
  • Gretel watching Holda’s memories and learning the truth of the child in the pink cap.
  • Holda being burnt alive and finished off by decapitation.
  • Gretel starting to come into her own as a witch. With her fingers turning black as Holda’s did, it’s unclear what her fate will be.