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Nightmare Fuel / Gorgoroth

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This Black Metal Band has earned its share of some fucked up moments, either within music or outside of it.

  • Practically everything about Gaahl. Coming out of the closet didn't make him appear any less so.
    • Most people are enthusiastic when given an interview. What about Gaahl? Cold indifference. He treats it like it's just another day. The best example of this is when he was interviewed in Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.
    Interviewer: What would you say is the biggest influence in Gorgoroth's music?
    Gaahl: ...Satan.
    Interviewer:And what does Satan mean for you?
    • Some of the music with him present are also this, whether he's doing his black metal screams or not, it's quite creepy as it's no telling when the music will actually start.
    • Once, he beat a man for so long, he was able to collect blood. Said man was then forced to drink it. note 
  • The previous singer, Pest, is no slouch either; he could produce some downright frightening screams if he felt like it.
    • And going even further back than that, the band's initial vocalist, Hat, sounded positively inhuman in his parrot-esque screeching, Seriously, listen to Pentagram and Antichrist and you'll see.
      • And all that is made all the more eerie by the mystery surrounding the man, as his whereabouts following his departure are completely unknown. Only contradictory rumours about what happened to him remain.
  • There's something rather eerie about the fact that lyrics remain unknown after all these years. It almost comes off as more disturbing than what most Death Metal bands tend to come up with lyrically. As if that wasn't creepy enough, they are so defensive about their lyrics that they will take out DMCA requests against people who try to translate their lyrics. As if their music is a part of some strange form of magick.
  • The album art for Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam. is a lot more terrifying than their usually mundane work.
  • To say that the band's concerts are terrifying would be an insult to the word terrifying. Nowhere is this more apparent than their controversial Krakow concert in 2004, which featured nude mock crucifixions, pyrotechnics and, worst of all, impaled sheep heads alongside eighty liters of sheep blood. It was so unbelievably hellish that the police had to get involved, they were dropped from the company tour's roster, and they had their contract with Nuclear Blast Records terminated because their performance made their employees that uncomfortable. Jesus...
  • The simple fact that allegedly, the band came into existence when Infernus made a deal with the devil, makes Gorgoroth more eerie...