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Nightmare Fuel / Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

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  • Brigitte is on the run from a male werewolf and we don't even find out who he is, Word Of God confirms that it's not Jason from the first movie, meaning this is just some random werewolf following her around intending to mate with her. Which, if you think about it, is more terrifying than if it actually were Jason - this means that werewolves are everywhere.
  • "Rocky runs, Rocky plays, Rocky misses the good old days".
  • During a stop at the Gas Station in the second movie, the radio plays the song Make Me Do Anything You Want by A Foot In Cold Water. The song itself isn't scary, but it gives a dark forshadowing of Ghost's plan.
  • Ghost's grand plan; to use Brigitte to kill people she doesn't like.
  • Ghost's Leitmotif. Turned Up to Eleven at the end.
  • When the inevitible happens and Ghost lets Wolf!Brigitte out to kill her "enemies" and Brigitte kills her too, though it may be Laser-Guided Karma considering...


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