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Nightmare Fuel / Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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  • The juvenile section of the library full of the ghosts of children. Even Ray is unnerved as you make your way around the room.
    • The entire section is just plain creepy for the atmosphere. During the section, one might expect to see some enemies to come out and a fight to ensue, but there are none. Instead, all you hear is the creepy echoing sounds of children laughing, crying, and whispering unintelligible things as you make your way through the room. Nothing Is Scarier indeed.
  • Also, after one fight with a heap of Book Bats and a few Paper Constructs, after the fight is over, you hear a disembodied voice scream out "NO! NOT MY BOOKS!"
    • And before that, when you get separated from other busters, you see the Librarian Ghost come out of a painting, screaming, "QUIET!"
  • The Collector is one of the most intimidating bosses in the entire game and Ivo Shandor's right hand ghost for a very good reason. Imagine a giant mass of books circling in a tornado with a sinister metal mask protecting the glowing green eye of said beast with the ability to shoot spikes at people on ground. To make matters worse, he's also That One Boss.
    • The Realistic version of the collector is particularly frightening, being a humanoid golem that towers over all the Ghostbusters and has incredibly powerful attacks.
  • The Spider Witch, a beautiful seductress who would leave her victims hanging from the ceiling, drained of blood. And that was before she became a ghost.
    • Particularly, the scene where she appears in an elevator with you, right out of nowhere. Egon sums it up perfectly. “Well, that was terrifying.”
    • And later, while exploring the darkened hallways on the Sedgewick’s 12th floor, you and Egon open a door only to catch a brief glimpse of her true form, complete with a Scare Chord. She then vanishes when your light turns on again.
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    • As you track the Spider Witch, you see an echo of one of her past kills as the floor turns into a demonic spider's nest. When the sequence ends, we hear the man die, the Spider Witch having assumed her demonic form. It's so bad that Egon is briefly speechless, and actually sounds afraid.
    • Upon entering the Spider Witch's lair, human bones are seen littered all over the floor, which are implied to have once been victims of the Spider Witch herself.
  • The echoes of ghosts walking through the Hotel Sedgewick, who disappear completely when you try to look at them straight on. Thankfully, they are completely harmless.
  • All the Cursed Artifacts you can collect throughout the game come with ghost stories. Some are goofy, such as a pair of bell bottom jeans that walk all by themselves. Others are creepier, such as a demonic painting of the founder of the Sedgewick Hotel, or a breathing stone head kept in a plastic bag.
    • One such is a calendar of 1950's pinup girls dressed as vegetables. It's backstory is utterly ridiculous, speaking of a doomsday cult that cursed the calendars to constantly rotate the pages in order to conceal a secret message inside, just for them to sell too poorly to be a problem. Embarrassed, for being so pedantic over nothing, the cult murdered everyone who bought it just to be on the safe side.
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  • Shandor's One-Winged Angel form in both versions. Shown above is the realistic one, a giant fiery demon that gives us a glimpse of what a Destructor Form should be like. In the stylistic one, Shandor's physical form is simply that of a robed humanoid individual, but he shows off enough reality warping to show off why he's considered "The Architect."

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