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Nightmare Fuel / Fullhouse

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"You're their uncle."
  • In the episode "My Left Foot and My Right Foot," Michelle has a dream that her feet keep growing. Watching her feet grow (before the giant Nightmare Retardant feet) is a bit disturbing.
    • At the very end of the episode's credits, after the theme song instrumental ends, we freeze on a still of Michelle and her (prosthetic) growing feet followed by an audio clip of her screaming at this sight.
  • Jesse's nightmare in part 1 of "Seven Month Itch." It starts of with D.J. and Stephanie asking to help with homework and give a piggyback ride. Stephanie does the usual "Yes he does", but it doesn't get creepy until Danny and Joey appear.
    Joey: It's your turn.
    Danny: You're their uncle.
    • Then two Michelle's come in. That's right, two. and Jesse is freaked out about this.
    • Not to forget the extreme close-ups of the family:
    Stephanie: I want a piggyback ride.
    D.J.: Help me with my homework.
    Joey: It's your turn.
    • The fact they are looking through a fish eye lens makes them look creepy and disturbing.
    • Then when Jesse wakes up, all of the noise (being the music, audience laughter and noise of everyone in the dream) completely cuts off and all you hear is Jesse screaming "NO!" as if he's about to die.
  • The episode "Silence is Not Golden," dealing with child abuse, has a moment where the victim, Charles mistakes Michelle's mischievous statement that Danny is unhappy with Stephanie for...something else entirely. Paraphrased...
    Charles: You're in pretty big trouble, aren't you?
    Stephanie: Yeah.
    Charles: Well, how about you do what I do and just think of a really funny movie, like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" or something. That always works for me when I'm getting it.
    Stephanie:...Getting what?
    Charles: Well, you know, when your dad's waling on you!
  • The ending to part one of the two-part episode "Michelle Rides Again". Michelle and Elizabeth were riding their horses in the field after their fathers are fighting against who's daughter is better in the race. They noticed the log and decided to use their horses to jump over it. Elizabeth makes it with no problem but when it's Michelle's turn she almost makes it but then her horse gets spooked causing Michelle to fall down from her horse and hitting the ground hard. Her family and friend tend to her to aid worrying that she might die and it ends right there with the words "To Be Continued" on the frozen screen. The music makes it worse! Thankfully, in the next part Michelle survives but lost her memory in progress. However, it's still unnerving to think that Michelle would've died right then and there! It's the good thing the horse didn't trample all over her or she really would've been killed! Horses have to known to trample their owners by accident but thankfully since Michelle wasn't moving, the horse didn't but it's still the chilling thought!

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