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Nightmare Fuel / Fright Night (1985)

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“What’s wrong? Don’t you want me anymore?”

  • Many of Sarandon's line readings.
    Jerry: (casually) Of course, now that I've been invited, I'll probably be dropping by quite a bit. (mildly dark) In fact, any time I feel like it.
  • The makeup effects on Amy toward the end. A particularly freaky scene where Amy, the main character's girlfriend, turns into a freakishly cartoonish vampire with More Teeth than the Osmond Family.
    • This also comes with a bit of Enforced Method Acting. William Ragsdale wasn't allowed to see Amanda Bearse's full makeup until they actually started shooting, and if you look at his face when she turns to attack him, you can see he's legitimately scared out of his mind.
  • The scene where Evil Ed is revealed to be under the covers of Charley's mom's bed with a red wig. The wig's pretty narmy, but the face gives a legitimate Jump Scare.
    • Also when he turns into a red-eyed wolf (a real one), and then after being stabbed through the heart by Peter, he slowly turns back into his human form, and what is meant by change is that a near-naked humanoid with a wolf's face slowly morphs back into a human shape which looks disturbing and demonic and the gurgle as he's slowly dying will leave an impact on you. In addition to the hand effect of solidifying back into a human shape as well.
  • Billy Cole, Jerry's caretaker/partner who goes from Perpetual Frowner to Affably Evil in a nanosecond of his introduction.
    • Also the fact that he was really hard to kill and wasn't even a vampire, but hinted to be a slime zombie monster as the graphic death scene of green slime and later sand gushing out of him and rapidly melting/decaying into a skeleton; and giving one last smile as its satisfied that it managed to scare the shit of out of our protagonists.
  • Jerry going One-Winged Angel and becoming a creepy Bat Out of Hell, which was even originally the effect Richard Edlund designed for the librarian ghost's One-Winged Angel form in Ghostbusters (1984), but it was kept out of that film because it was just too frightening for it.

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