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Nightmare Fuel / Forever Evil

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The Comic Book

  • Ultraman is a pretty creepy sociopath, but his rampage at the Daily Planet really shows off his creepiness. One can only imagine what he was going to do to Lois Lane before he was interrupted.
    Ultraman: Superman isn't coming. No one is.
  • The descriptions of how ARGUS personnel were decimated after the Crime Syndicate arrived are actually quite gruesome.
    The Hyena reportedly eats his victims.
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  • What Professor Pyg did to the musician in Issue 1 of Arkham War.
  • A gangster named Eel O'Brian gets doused in barrel full of chemicals when Owlman ambushes his gang. He ends up slowly melting into a puddle while still alive. However, it doesn't show whether or not he died and he may come back with superpowers. Maybe as Plastic Man.
  • Whatever the Volthoom entity did and most likely does to Power Ring in order to get "charged." The Nothing Is Scarier trope is utilized, but judging from what happened to the Earth-3 Abin Sur, it's pretty clear the ring is slowly killing Power Ring.
    • Worst of all, it's been let loose with Power Ring's death (which he was grateful for after dealing with the ring) so some other poor bastard is going to get it.
  • Johnny Quick and Atomica's rampage across the DC Universe is extraordinarily graphic. Especially horrible because unlike the rest of the Crime Syndicate and the Secret Society of Super-Villains, they're doing this for no reason whatsoever.
  • This moment between Wonder Woman and Superwoman:
    Superwoman: The baby. It kicked.
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  • The Anti-Monitor's back. And the fact that he's absorbing the energies of the multiverse JUST so he can fight Darkseid?
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker: Luthor ordering Bizarro to restrain Batman as to let him suffocate Dick who's Strapped to a Bomb. The sheer Adult Fear of seeing your child being killed in front of you and you're powerless to stop it.

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