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Nightmare Fuel / Forest of Drizzling Rain

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  • The house in the middle of the woods. The blood inside is bad enough, but the contents of the cave inside are enough to make your stomach churn. There’s the pale, misshapen ghosts that roam some of the rooms and threaten to kill you, there’s the butchering room filled with red, lumpy shapes and tiny bones, the prison cells where you have to walk over a dead skeleton, the obscene room with all the groaning and the red text on the screen ranting about having “copulated and given birth”, and to top it all off, the moment you get out to the underground waterfall where it seems like the horror has passed, you enter into a chase with a ghost demanding you stay with them for “mommy”.
    • Immediately afterwards you’re faced with your first encounter of the Kotori Obake.
    • Eventually it’s revealed that the place used to be a prison, before Azakawa had a real governing body. If the male head of the family ever committed a crime, his family was the one who paid the price. Children were sold off as slaves (or slaughtered), and women were sent to the prison to be used up, either for labor or sex, until they were too old (at which point they were thrown away).
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  • Kotori Obake’s echoing sobbing/laughter every time she makes an appearance in the forest.
  • The babbling and singing of the ghost children. Especially when Suga cuts them down in the denouement while they shriek about how cruel, unnecessary and useless he is and beg for him to stop.
  • The truth of the Kotori Obake. The original Ogami essentially tricked everyone into thinking she was cruel and evil, slaughtering her husband, her child, and going so far as to kill the baby that was ''still in her womb'', then locking her in his house for years to use her as little more than a toy. Hence why her spirit hates and is disgusted by anyone else who takes the title.
  • If you manage to reunite Kotori Obake with her long lost son, it seems for a few moments that everything is going to turn out alright after all. …Then you try to leave and the ghosts of the children that she killed over the years swarm her, enraged that she killed them and is going to abandon them. Mitigated somewhat if you found the extra nightstone, using it to ward them off.

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