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Nightmare Fuel / Fish Hooks

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  • Clamantha's appearance is just kind of unsettling and her creepy obsession with Oscar just makes it worse.
  • At the end of Two Clams In Love we get to see the world from Clamantha's eyes. The result is . . . unsettling.
    Clamantha: So, do you wanna kiss now or what?
    Oscar: (Screams)
  • The way how the fish are sometimes portrayed with human limbs and faces can be very disturbing.
  • How about the flea that came off of Murphy? HORRIFYING!
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  • In "The Albert Glass Story," Bea tries to make friends with Albert by playing a violin for him. She ends up playing so badly that his face cracks and his organs float out, dragging his body with him.
  • The last shot of "The Dark Side of the Fish".
  • In "Hooray for Hamsterwood", a hamster considered eating Bea... WHILE SHE WAS STILL ALIVE AND HYDRATED.
  • The ending scene in the episode where Milo pretends he is sick. He gets sent to a tank that looks like a mass grave or hospice, with all the other sick fish tightly packed in with him. Then one guy offers him some food, and his face peels off, revealing the muscle behind it. Cut to black
  • The Lincoln monster that hatches from the penny. Again, another ending scene. Noticing a trend?
  • At one point, Mouse manages to get Snake to eat herself into oblivion. It's a bit disturbing.
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  • How about the establishing shot that shows the pet store is next door to a sushi restaurant?
  • The scene in one episode where Milo gets attacked by a big, orange and black spider rendered in the more realistic style that some of the non-aquatic characters and things use in the show.
  • Where Milo almost suffocates in the shirt pocket; only surviving by burying himself in the human's man-boob sweat.

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